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Why and How to Use Oracle Cards to Inspire and Clarify

Your Soul Café: Conversations that Open Hearts and Inspire Actions

Drawing an oracle card every day can provide you with a word waymark to direct thoughts and writing—maybe even guidance for your goals and intentions. It’s a simple, intuitive practice…One that I wrote about on January 1 to discover your sacred word(s) for a New Year’s resolution, title, affirmation, or mantra.

For 2019, please join me on my pilgrimage using the Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards for the first time; they’re created by Denise Linn, a bestselling author of 18 books and translated into 29 languages. They complement and reinforce the new 2019 theme on my Facebook pages and the first book now underway, Writing Medicine: The Must-Have Guide to Your Hero’s Journey to Inner Healing.

How can oracle cards assist you with your Hero’s Journey? They can help:

* Give clarity to concerns and issues
* Offer problem-solving perspectives
* Interpret signs and dreams, especially repeating ones
* Inspire writing and creative projects
* Become more present to the now moment

As part of my Divine Dialogue Writing System, you are taught to ask, “What do I need to know for and about my best and Highest good today?” (You can be more specific if you choose.)

Get quiet. Be still and breathe. Shuffle the deck. Place them on your heart. Breathe. Then draw a card with your left hand, as that’s the hand with the veins and arteries that directly connect with your beating, heart.

If you believe in Oneness, then today’s message for you and me is...

Notice your first reaction when seeing the oracle card. You might not be pleased with what appears. And after eight years of this practice almost every morning, I’ve learned to trust what shows up--comfortable or uncomfortable, it is all good.

Read the guidebook. 
Write and interact with the word waymarks
Allow the information to sit with you.

Be open to how the message's confirmation unfolds during the day. Indeed, you might be surprised how on point the information was!

 Distant Thunder Card meaning (partial):
Clear the air. Dramatic purification, renewal, and healing are occurring on many levels. Don’t be concerned if there is chaos in your life; in this instance it is good. It is shaking things up, so you don’t become stagnant. If your auric field or your personal space is cluttered, it’s difficult for new experiences and opportunities to come into your life. It’s time to clear out the clutter…"

The Sacred Traveler Wants You to Know:
"On the distant horizon, a storm is brewing. Great shards of lightning are thunder-bolting to the earth from the heavens. It can feel chaotic, but it heralds a time of renewal. Thunderstorms clear the dust out of the air and, reenergizes the earth. Be open to change…”

What I Want You, the Hero, to Feel:
You’re not alone in this chaotic chaos. I know because Tampa Bay, Florida, the "Lightning Capital of the World," is my home.

Be inspired to declutter your inner and outer life. Try the popcorn method. Set a timer for 18 minutes a day. There's scientific proof explaining why this works as explained in 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done by Peter Bregman. 

Some people, places and things will naturally fall away, like the "dust" that rains ash away, renewing the earth (and you) with fresh sights and senses. Other decluttering will take intention and goal-setting practices

Finally, believe that the “distant thunderstorm” is a positive sign because they produce lightning, a transformative symbol connecting heaven and earth for you. Your best and Highest good is about to rain down on you! Renewal and recharging are on the way. 

Meanwhile, remember...

What "distant thunderstorm" do you hear and see in your life? Thank you in advance for sharing in the comments.

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  1. Love the popcorn method, I am going to use that to get my studio clear and my art on the web for sale- thank you
    As you know i draw a card from my own deck every day and have done a 12 month spread for 2019 based on my intentions
    I full believe that cards open our hearts, un tap our intuition and help us in so many ways to love ourselves more as well as provide direction Love Suzie xxx

    1. Yes, YOU are indeed the daily Oracle Queen for sure, Suzie! I so admire your persistence and dedication to the process, and also how you lovingly share your passion with others! Yes also to UNTAP OUR INTUTION...I'm seeing a tee-shirt maybe?

  2. Inspiring post. I also love to use oracle (and tarot)cards, mostly as a supplement to my shamanic journey practice. I use both daily one-card drawings and more elaborate spreads depending on my inspiration the topic. Beautiful card deck images, by the way.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Lovely to hear how YOU use your oracle cards. No surprise there! Yes, the new deck is colorful and matches my energies of the new book I'm writing, Writing Medicine:The Must-Have Gudie to Your Hero's Journey to Inner Healing.

  3. Very insightful read Lore. Never considered using oracle cards before but am glad I learnt more about it today.

    1. Good for you to be open to using them, Leila. Let me know what unfolds for you.

  4. Love this Lore. There is magic in thunderstorms. Maybe why I like going to watch them. "Your best and Highest good is about to rain down on you! Renewal and recharging are on the way." And yes such a great observation. ��

    1. Agreed, observing thurnderstorm IS a powerful and magical experience! Come visit us in Tampa Bay anytime, Laura.

  5. Inspiring post, Lore. I use Osho's Zen Tarot when I want guidance as well as Doreen Virtue's Angel Tarot Deck. Both throw insights that I might not be picking up because of the chaotic world and noise around me.

    1. A wise choice to do this when there's so much static electricty around you!

  6. I love to pull a few cards from different decks each morning as part of my self-nurturing practice. I find them clarifying, empowering, and enlightening. The Distant Thunder card is spot on for my experience right now, especially the insight, "Dramatic purification, renewal, and healing are occurring on many levels." I have been feeling sick since New Year's Eve and believe I am detoxing and releasing all that does not serve me as I move into healing and renewal. It is affirming that the renewal and healing are on the horizon and I am grateful for your inspiration and insights! Thank you so much!

    1. Happy to read that this served you, Kelley...and that you're on the mend! A big healing hug streaming west to you now. xo Take care of youself as I know you will.

  7. I have been using cards for years now. My favorite ones are the Archangel Gabriel and Messages From The Fairies. I also use Louise Hay's Power Thought Cards all the time!

    1. No surprise here that you're an oracle reader and oracle youself through your word wisdom, Barb!

  8. I've dabbled into oracle cards before...but not consistently. From my limited experience in them, I do know that they help in clarifying our thoughts and the road ahead. I am tempted to give them a try again :)

  9. Your knowledge shines though on this article, Lore. It's been a while since I've sat with my deck. Maybe it's time. Thanks for the inspiration!


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