"I am a part of everything I have read."
Theodore Roosevelt
Once upon a time… 
My writing career began in Third Grade with pen pal letters written religiously every Saturday to a dozen loved ones.

This continued for the next five years. My Air Force parents used to joke about their missed investment opportunity with Hallmark Cards, Inc.

“Ohh,” they moaned in jest, “had we only knew then how much money we’d spend on Lore’s cards and stationery, we'd now be millionaires!”

(Thanks, Momma Clare and Daddy Bear.)

Perhaps you share this dream to write and publish a book. The saying, “Life happens when you’re planning” came true. Instead of a book, I “cut my writer’s teeth” as a contributing co-author to eight books over the past three years.

On launch day, five of the eight books climbed to #1 Amazon International Bestseller status--what a complete and thrilling surprise as Amazon releases 5,000 titles every day!

By working with four editors and five publishers, many valuable "lessons learned" now enhance my writing and mentoring work with clients.

As a transformational author, it's delightful to take life’s gooey and glorious experiences and spin gold with stories that "open hearts and inspires action." World travels as an Air Force brat, tourist and expatriate also inform and inspires my writing and clients who seek to write and publish a book.

My hope? 
You read and allow my stories to become a part of you.

P.SWriting Medicine: The Must-Have Guide for Your Hero's Journey to Inner Healing arrives in Spring 2021.

P.P.S. Visit my Amazon Author Page.

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