Rewind Each of us know someone from our writing and creative journeys who shared a helping hand, a leg up or perhaps a kind word or spot on suggestion. A head-scratching question got answered and computer disasters or writer’s block failed to unglue our psyches and projects. 

These people are indeed giants of generosity.

The purpose of this Resource List is to say thanks and to share what you and I know with others. Together, we might all “see a little further.” No one pays to be listed here.

Thanks y’all—you know who you are.

(New ones will be added so check back often!)

I have personal knowledge of these items, people, and groups. While small now, this will be a swarming resource list-- kinda like the mosquitoes here in Florida during the rainy season which is almost always.

And no, the list is not in alphabetical order. I’m trying to finish a manuscript.

If you have recommendations for any categories, please email me at so that I can check them out. Give me the name, link, and describe your experience. Include yourself!

March 30, 2019,>>The Resource Materials from the panel presentation, "Writing Medicine: Fusing Practices to Exercise Intuition for Inner Healing" at the AWP19 Conference in Portland, OR with love!

Writer’s tools

  • Journals with magnetic flaps and lined paper, Dollar Store, $1.99 (I use one a month.)
  • Pen, Pilot G-2, Bold #10; made in Jacksonville, FL, my home state
  • Anything by musician Steven Halpern with Theta Wave music; connects left and right brain to open channels for creative flow
  • CD, I AM Wishes Fulfilled, called the “world’s best meditation CD” by the prolific writer, Dr. Wayne Dyer   
  • Scrivener 
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Trello

Facebook groups
  • Writer’s VisionQuest, my free, private group for women only; the focus is giving and receiving resources to “Transform Your Words into Somewhere Brilliant.”
  • Binders; discovered these groups at the 2018 spring conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs; check out some of the many subgroups i.e. Binders full of entry-level content writers and jobs; creative non-fiction; writing teachers and; women and binary poets.
Facebook pages

Books about writing/creativity
  • The Art of InspirationAn Editor's Guide to Writing Powerful, Effective Inspirational and Personal Development Books by Bryna Rene Haynes
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert; used the book as our curriculum for last year’s Divine Dialogue Writing Circle
  • Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss: our text for DDWC Season 13 in Tampa Bay 
  • On Writingan indispensable how-to tool for fiction authors by Stephen King
  • Save the Cat by Blake Snyder: the definitive film writer's guidebook

Author/Writing/Creativity Blogs with Resource Pages
  • Chuck Wendig: Terrible Minds Blog; his conversational, irreverent prose inspired me to be more like him as I created this author’s blog
  • Anne R. Allen’s Blog; she reminded me of something I used to do on my FB page Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond: My contributors and I each wrote a post which promoted other visionary women every week in a program called Soul Share Saturday. Highlighting other people is good business and just plain kind. Anne also hosts a Congressional Library of Writing Resources that I aspire to read! 

Writer’s organizations

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