Wednesday, January 17, 2018

5 Ways Whales Inspire Creativity

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"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye."
~Dorothy Parker

Have you ever seen whales breaching? Stared into their eyes in person or in photos? Who isn’t filled with wonderment seeing them leaping and frolicking like giant ocean puppies? Like the whale, a wild mind and disciplined eye can be yours to create.

My first whale experience came the Summer of 2000 during a VisionQuest in Nova Scotia. After sleeping soundly in my new, L.L. Bean two-man, blue bubble tent, strange sounds gently awakened me. They were not close by. Curiously, I bumbled outside in the pre-sunrise hour to hear the sounds continuing...Oh, my! It was a whale breathing! Later that day, I joined other tourists for a whale watching boat adventure which did not disappoint.

The guide shared that worldwide, Native American peoples worshiped these gentle, intelligent creatures and treated them with great respect. Even Europeans were awe-inspired and considered them symbols of the world because the oceans are their home. Today, whale sightings are considered a good luck sign—and if one is found breached or dead on the shore, it conveys a sad and heavy message.

For your reflection or writing consider…
* Is now the time to dive deeply into your creative projects, writing, business, or perhaps personal relationships?

* What help do you seek to surge ahead and break through the nets of procrastination and overwhelm that hold you under?

* Are you experiencing trouble navigating the small storms or tsunamis of life?

* Do you seek more courage to sing your personal song? What would help?

You have only to look to the whales for answers. 
Symbolic of the free use of creativity, whales serve as global teachers to help your creativity skyrocket!  

Here are five ways that whales inform and inspire creativity:

Practice self-reflection.
Taking time to retreat and to “unplug to plug in” allows for an essential alone time. By doing this, you hear like whale sonar, your inner whispers, and intuitive voice. In time, you will also hear your “Whale’s Song”, the Divine music. Follow it. Trust the lyrics and the melody. Trust your huge and gentle creative genius.

Embrace confidence.
If you are swimming in polluted, contaminated waters, you can’t create. You must change the environmental waters of people, places, and things. Take one step each day to swim beyond these negative influences. Imagine yourself grabbing onto the whale’s tale as you travel to fresh, crystalline waters; now you can see more clearly to create.

Wake Up & Rise Up!
At times, you may feel like you are Jonah in the Bible story being swallowed up and then spit out. While you are in this seemingly dark, impossible place, the whale serves to teach and transform if you patiently allow. During this time, you must awaken and remember that there is more to what you experience in the outer. Then rise up! “Be in the world, but not of this world.” ~ John 15:19 and John 17:14-16.

Breathe to open consciousness & clarity.

Take a deep breath. Hold it.Travel like the whale beneath the waters of your consciousness into a new awareness. See different perspectives. Feel heightened intuition.When you surface again, you take a new breath as though it were your first. Life looks different. Your creative projects now look different, yet the same.

The whale never stays in the deep forever and comes up for air, often skyrocketing! You can also reclaim your inspiration and skyrocket. Remember to breathe.

Enjoy heart-listening.
When you become still to listen to your heart --the first drum in your life --this sacred, creative rhythm is like the “identifying sounds the whale uses to identify their pod in nature.” The whale enjoys strong family ties that are always protected. Through heart-listening, your family, friends, clients, and readers know they can trust your creative projects. Why? They emanate from a place of love.

As you start or continue a creative project this summer, remember to call Whale into your office or studio. Review the five ways that whales inform and inspire your creativity: Practice self-reflection; Embrace confidence; Wake up & Rise Up; Breathe to open consciousness & clarity and; Enjoy heart listening.

What is Whale teaching you? Remember, like the whale, a wild mind and disciplined eye can be yours to create!

Enjoy Whale Sounds, Stress Relief with Theta Isochronic Tones. Playing Theta wave music was one of the ways suggested in “5 Cool Ways to Recharge Your Creativity.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Powerful #TimesUp Quotes from Not So Quiet Women

On Sunday, January 7, perhaps you were one of the 20 million viewers watching the 75th Annual Golden Globes. A sea of continuous black waves appeared on global screens to celebrate the best in television and cinema accomplishments. With powerful women (and some men) speaking up as one, the awards program transcended into a herstoric night!

The celebrity's apparel called attention to and symbolized solidarity for the Time's Up Movement which follows the Me Too Movement. It seems that black was the perfect choice to wear as it's actually not a color. 

"Black doesn't have specific wavelengths and is the absence of visible light," according to eLive.

Yes, until lately, there's been an absence of visible light caused by the murky tsunami of sexual harassment and abuse flooding the news. A new tidal wave of light is now crashing through every industry and not just Hollywood!

Relive these Time's Up highlights 
from a few not so quiet women at the Golden Globes:

Michelle Williams, Actor: “We're here because Tarana (Burke) started a movement and she planted a seed years ago and it's grown and caught fire. She started the #MeToo movement.”

Oprah Winfrey, Recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award: “What I know for sure, is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. I’m especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered enough to speak up and share their personal stories.”

Viola Davis, Actor: “You're born worthy and I think that's a message a lot of women need to hear. The women who are still in silence because of trauma, shame due to the assault. They need to understand that it's not their fault. That's my message tonight."

Debra Messing, Actor: “And I'm here to celebrate the rollout of this initiative, Time's Up. We want diversity, we want intersectional gender parity, we want equal pay.

L-r Michelle Williams and Tarana Burke at the Golden Globes
Yvonne Strahovski, Actor: "With the Women's March and now this, it really feels like a revolution is taking place."

Meryl Streep, Actor & Activist: "I think that people are aware now of a power imbalance…And we want to fix that! And we feel sort of emboldened in this particular moment to stand together in a thick black line."

Oprah: “I want all of the girls watching here to know, that a new day is on the horizon. And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody has to say, ‘me too’ again.”

Hopefully, you will ponder these words to open your heart even wider to inspire new actions. Tell your story. Share your #MeToo secret. Wear black. Doesn't every woman own a LBD--a little black dress?

Most importantly let every woman, man, and child 
“stand together in a thick black line” to shout 
Time’s Up! 

>> Watch Oprah’s Acceptance Speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th Golden Globes 

>> Why black and white are not listed as colors

Empowering women to discover their authentic voices and to share them through a blog, book or podcast is my passionate purpose. 

Do you have a secret, story or message to share?
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Friday, December 29, 2017

Lore’s 7 Most Empowering Articles from 2017

"I am a part of everything that I have read."
~ Theodore Roosevelt, American author, explorer, soldier, naturalist and
 26th President of the United States 1901-1909

What do Hidden Figures, Wonder Woman, love letters, rituals, and the moon share in common? They’re what you, the reader, found to be most empowering and meaningful in my Spinning Your Gold Blog: Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Actions.

First, thank you for taking the time to read and then comment on the blogs. It can get lonely as a writer so hearing from you is a treasure. I cherish every word. Writing is one of my great love affairs. It's my New Year hope that what you read from me becomes a part of you.

If you’d like to suggest a blog post idea or if you’d like a guest blogger, I would welcome your suggestions and invitation. Just message me on Facebook.

A big thank you hug, Jill Celeste, for this blog post idea. You inspired me by brilliantly summarizing the year with your “Top 6 Marketing Articles from 2017.”

Rewinding, here's what readers found most empowering and meaningful 
in calendar order:

January: 7 Sisterhood Lessons from Hidden Figures, America’s #1 Movie
Critics agree Hidden Figures is 
"An inspiring, family-friendly historical drama."
This blockbuster and one of the best feel-good movies ever, left me wanting to return again and again to see it! Why oh, why had this story been lost and taken so long to be resurrected?  Enthralled, I took notes during the movie. Afterwards, seven powerful lessons emerged from this black sisterhood that inspires hope, inspiration, and collaboration. Here's one lesson from author Margot Lee Shetterly:

1) "Katherine Johnson knew: once you took the first step, anything was possible."
Sisterhood Lesson: Take the first step regardless of being told you can't or shouldn't. If Katherine hadn't taken that first step, America might not have been the first to land on the moon. She was called on in 1962 to manually verify the computer's numbers because John Glenn asked for her personally; he refused to fly unless she verified the calculations. Want to read about all 7 lessons?

February: 5 Ways of Writing to Express Love with Gratitude
Have you ever resolved NEVER to expect expressions of love from an outside source? I released the illusion of rejection many years ago. This intention has since guided me through life –though I do slip up on with expectations on occasion. 

How do you shift energies for regaining equilibrium-- or even increase your vibration to a happier state of mind? Here are five ideas.

May: A Prayer for the Full Flower Moon
Love migrate in you to release any disappointment, distraction, delusion or defeat.

Love unfurl in you to move through new doors of opportunities...

June: Wonder Woman’s Story Reminds Us of 5 Key Choices
It is about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” ~Wonder Woman, Warrior of Peace
Regardless of your political views, the movie’s message with Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's alter ego, is one of power, grace, wisdom, bravery, and love --most timely for a world gone “upside down." 

Here's an excerpt: 2) Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

“If a woman asks you a question, it’s better to tell her the truth because chances are she’s asking you because she already knows the answer.” –Unknown

Did you know that Wonder Woman’s creator is also the inventor of the lie detector? So it comes as no surprise that Marston includes this fictional, truth-telling weapon in her arsenal. Anyone captured by the lasso is compelled to tell the truth. It’s an allegory for women’s innate ability to discern, intuit and tell the truth.

Your Second Choice: What authentic truth might you tell yourself and others? Who might you want to lasso? Find out about all five key choices!

August: 5 Letting Go Rituals for Women inTransition
“It’s never too late in life to edit or revise.” ~Nancy Thayer
By this time much had personally blessed us, along with a deluge of global and national natural and man-made tragedies. The events made you shake your head saying, “When will this ever stop?” Little did anyone know that Mother Nature planned much more havoc and later unleashed Hurricane’s  Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria. 

Helpful suggestions included everything from the Peruvian with Love, with Release Ceremony to the Pencil Drop and the Monkey Trap Jar. Read more here.

October: 7 Gifts from the Threaded Gem Adventure
“If you have one true friend, 
you have more than your share.” ~Thomas Fuller
Rewind four years: Malana Ashlie, my Honduras writing sister and dear friend, wrote The Threaded Gem Adventure: How to Connect the Jewels in Your Life, to celebrate the ONEness of life and friendships. This blog post was dedicated to her as sadly she left her earth suit in the spring. Malana's creative and spiritual book inspired me to complete my Threaded Gem Adventure to celebrate the many friendships in my life.  Join me on this tender, bittersweet adventure.

December: 6 Ideas for Gifting the Miracle of Unwrapped Gifts
What are you gifting this holy season of love and light?
Over the years, family and friends taught me the value of giving and receiving “unwrapped pressies” to yourself and others.  Here's one of the six ideas:

4. Write a love letter. My dear friend, Joy Siren, said, "If I WERE to write a (Christmas) letter it would most likely be all about the party I was writing to (as opposed to being about me). I'd let them know how much I appreciate them and why...and I'd ask about specific things in their life, how they're enjoying their journey, what's been making their toes wiggle lately, that sort of thing."   
Find all six, unwrapped pressie ideas here. They're appropriate for any occasion!

Happy New Year! Let's stay connected. 
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

What do you wonder this Christmas Eve?

It's Christmas Eve.
What do you wonder about?
All I can think about is the Christ child born two thousand years ago. How are you remembering and hopefully, celebrating him in sacred ways?

Jesus became the first famous homeless person.
Think about it. A stable for animals is where this gentle soul's weary parents settled in--grateful to be out of the chilly night air of Bethlehem, the animals' breath warming the dark space. Jesus was born in a place with no address. He was born homeless in an unfriendly land.

I wonder…what possessions did they have?
How do you bring such a BIG, new life into the world with so little? What intense faith, courage, and love were present from his chosen parents, Mary and Joseph.

I wonder…how many children can name these historical figures.
Too few.

I many children have no safe place to sleep tonight.
Too many.

I wonder...what the new president and cabinet will do to support homeless families.
Too uncertain.

I wonder…how many friends or readers know the experience of being homeless.
Too few.
I know what it’s like living out of the trunk of a car for months.

And as a result, I am grateful for…
Friends kindly sharing their couches and spare bedrooms.
Friends gently affirming “This too will pass.”
Friends generously giving hugs instead of judgment.
Friends saying, “There’s room at the inn for you, Lore.”

I wonder…who is out there in my home city of St. Petersburg, Florida without a couch tonight. Or in St. Augustine where I'm celebrating a different kind of Christmas Eve with my mom.

I will make some calls tonight and tomorrow. I must as I have been blessed with so much. There go I but for the grace of God.

And you?

What do you wonder on this Christmas Eve?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Why and How to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

SPINNING YOUR GOLD BLOG: Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Actions
Stonehenge, Wilshire, England
Happy Almost Winter Solstice, 
the shortest day and longest night of the year!

For hundreds of years, travelers from around the globe gather the morning of December 21 at Stonehenge and other sites to witness the sunrise in the forever sky. It’s a sacred time for you to reflect, release, renew, and restore. The ancients and your ancestors understood this critical time for coaxing and celebrating the sun’s return.

Why? Death and hardship were imminent without the sun’s light and warmth. Perhaps this year, you've experienced the death of your loved ones both 2-footed and 4-footed. It's painful to walk through the portal of grief alone. 

So imagine a huge bonfire being lit where people connected around community feasts and rituals. Symbolically these actions coaxed the sun back into their lives. The dancing, singing, and feasting also physically warmed their bodies and minds to the hope of spring--and the promises of life, food, and warmth!

Newgrange Monument, Ireland where the Winter Solstice is celebrated
How will you coax the “sun” to shine in your life again?
You’re invited to make a fresh start; think of people you are not spinning your gold with for whatever reasons and write them a Winter Solstice greeting be it a card, text, or email. Ask for forgetting and forgiving with a blessing for your relationship harmony. This can be a courageous act of reflecting your Spiritual Light to coax and expand the “sun” back into your life.

What miracle happens when you allow your Spiritual Light to return?
Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross (1541-1591) wrote a poem which someone else titled “The Dark Night of the Soul.” It’s said that while imprisoned, the only light came from a window so high up he had to stand on a stool to read. He compassionately knew that the things imprisoning you are not always clear-cut.

“A bird can be held by a chain or by a thread. Still, it cannot fly.” - St. John of the Cross 

While reflecting on 2017, do you feel bound by the heavy chains of regrets, unhappy relationships, or addictions to unhealthy habits, worries or substances? 

If not, then perhaps you might feel bound by the threads of discontent, procrastination, judgment, or boredom. 

Though lighter than chains, these threads can keep you tied to the past, not allowing you to happily move into December’s final holy days and the New You, New Year.

You're invited to go within to spin new golden threads of self-love. 
Consider these three action steps:
1) Find five besties to tell you why they love and appreciate you in one sentence or paragraph. 
Tell them that you’re adding their message to your 2017 Love Letter. Consider making this an annual tradition after you tell them why you love and appreciate them!

2) Write yourself a 2017 Love Letter using a pen or pencil. 
Describe the many ways you love yourself. “How do I love thee, ____ (your name), let me count the ways.” Review previous texts or emails you’ve received acknowledging your gifts. Address an envelope with a stamp to YOU. Ask a friend to surprise you by mailing the letter sometime in January 2018.

3) Affirm phrases like
I am love, I am. 
I am loving, I am. 
I am loveable, I am. 
I am loved, I am.

Now with this lighter, happier energy, perhaps you will return to your Spiritual Sunlight and out of any “dark night of the soul.” 

By taking these three action steps, you’ll replace the chains or threads in your mind and emotional body so that you might not only fly but soar in 2018!

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Did you know that 2018 is the Year of the Dog?

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

6 Ideas for Gifting the Miracle of Unwrapped Presents

SPINNING YOUR GOLD BLOG: Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Actions
What are you gifting this holy season of love and light?

Over the years, family and friends taught me the value of giving and receiving “unwrapped pressies” to yourself and others.

The reasons are many to give unwrapped pressies as they...
* Don't involve the exchange of money
* Can be given anytime, anywhere to anyone 
* Save on wrapping and postage costs
* Always connect the head to the heart 
The list to give these kinds of gifts to yourself and loved ones can be as long as your Christmas or holiday "to buy list.”

If you haven’t mindfully engaged in this practice, you’re invited to become a Changel--someone who lets go of the familiar way of gift giving and embraces the changes of the unknown with trust and open-heartedness. Your new mantle blends the best of two words, change + angel. Sure, shopping for and giving gifts may be what you did before--and how about doing something different this year?

Here are six ideas for gifting the miracle of unwrapped presents:

Rewind: Last year on December 6, 2016, Saint Nicholas Day, the “Miracle Mindset” issue of Aspire Magazine arrived in inboxes everywhere!  Please enjoy these excerpts from my feature story, “Four Secret Gifts from the Three Wise Women for Birthing Miracles.”

Three of the four, secret unwrapped gifts include:

1. “From the Wise Maiden-Woman on the wings of Sparrow is the first secret gift: Open your heart to everything and everyone as being a miracle.

Rewind and consider once again experiencing your world with "childlike wonder.”

2. “From the Wise Mother-Woman on the wings of Eagle is the second secret gift: Create sacred space, a room at the inner inn. 

You do this by writing an AAA List -- Always Advance Appreciation List.”

3. "From the Wise Crone-Woman on the wings of Owl is the third secret gift: Be mindful of how your expectation for miracles now appears. 

You expand on the two first secret gifts to expect and see only H.U.G.S. or Happy Unexpected God Surprises. Miracles that once seemed like only rare events, now appear as your daily norm.” Art: Shiloh Sophia

Additional “unwrapped pressie” ideas include:

 4. Write a love letter. My dear friend, Joy Siren, said, “If I WERE to write a (Christmas) letter it would most likely be all about the party I was writing to (as opposed to being about me). I'd let them know how much I appreciate them and why...and I'd ask about specific things in their life, how they're enjoying their journey, what's been making their toes wiggle lately...that sort of thing." 

5. Call a prayer ministry to invite prayers for loved ones. This could be a call to a place like Silent Unity, a 125-year old prayer ministry. (I’ve called them for 34 years.) Call 1-800-NOW-PRAY, which is always free, 365/24/7. They'll send an email that includes your name and the person you both prayed for. Wouldn't this be a tender email to forward?

6. Radiate love during meditation or a walking meditation. Make a list of everyone you love or like, and also a list of people you don’t love or like. I use the Pink Heart Meditation: First, put your hand on your heart. Breathe. Then see a pink ribbon in figure 8's being woven around your heart, crossing to the center of the person in mind, circling their heart, and returning to your heart. Repeat 8x. Then, get ready for miracles!

Embrace change as something fresh and fun! As you welcome change, you are able to make the best choices at each moment. 

Congratulations on your new role as a Changel who gifts unwrapped pressies!

P.S. Not a subscriber to Aspire Magazine? Claim your free subscription today for instant access to the issue, the sacred archives, AND over 40 transformational gifts. Click to peek into the "Miracle Mindset" issue! Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll receive an email with access to the full issue—including my feature story.

P.P.S. Last October, I recognized my heart’s yearning to return to Bali. So, I set the intention to design and deliver two women’s writing retreats. The first was is in my Florida backyard this April with the Treasure Island Writer's Retreat. 

Now I'm delighted to invite you to save the dates of October 18-28, 2018 for the Bali Writing Retreat!

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

7 Ways to Celebrate the Supermoon's Gifts

Spinning Your Gold Blog: Words That Open Hearts & Inspire Actions

Like me, do you have a severe case of selenophilia--someone who loves the moon and finds it soothingly captivating?

Passionate selenophiles number in the millions and can be found on every continent going back to ancient times. Many people plan their trips, events, and retreats to include the Full or New Moon.

You love Moon for her many gifts because she:
* offers comfort in the midst of chaos or change as an eternal presence, even when unseen. There's a reason she's called "Grandmother Moon" and "Sister Moon" as we can connect with her any time to be heard and loved unconditionally.

* shares her light generously at no charge for us to bask, delight, and reflect in the silver luminescence. Quietly studying and staring at the moon provides a perspective that our problems are not as big as we think they are; indeed, there's always another day followed by another night sky with the moon, just like our problems which can be solved...another day.

* keeps our inner and outer time clocks synchronized with the rhythm of her cycles. Lunar calendars remind us that the nature of life is cyclic. Moon has always shown up, gone through her phases, and reflected the sun's light--except temporarily with equinoxes!

* is considered a symbol of love. Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "I love you to the moon and..."  It's now a trademarked phrase by Walker Books, though many heard the phrase years ago on the Rosie O'Donnell show. She shared that her son, Parker, said this to her while tucking him in for dream time.

The Full SUPERMOON of December 3 
can brag about being the biggest and brightest full moon of the year--and the only supermoon of 2017. 

The name "Cold Moon" comes from the American Indians; they also call it the Longest Nights Moon because of its proximity to the Winter Solstice on December 21 and the year's longest night. A resource to learn all the full moon names (and much more!) can be found in the Old Farmer's Almanac founded in 1792.

So, how might you celebrate the Supermoon for her many gifts? Here are seven ideas:

1) Mark the dates of the Full and New Moons on your calendars to honor this celestial body. Did you know that the moon's cycle closely mirrors a woman's cycle? Yes, it takes the moon about 29.5 days to circle Mother Earth. 

This matches a woman's normal cycle of 28 days, forever linking us to her Divine, feminine energy!

2) Make time to go outside, be quiet and stare at the moon. You're invited to, "Unplug to plug in."

3) Enjoy a moon bath or shower. While this is winter, perhaps you can pause for this sacred self-care time and step outside for a moon bath with clothing. You could also take a real bath while listening to soothing music like Moonlight Sonata. Be sure to include a cup of Epsom salts for detoxing and letting go. Consider wearing pale blue or silver with moonstone jewelry afterward.

Full Bloom Moonflower
4) Plant the seeds or purchase night-blooming plants like a Moonflower, Starry Night Gardenia, or Cereus Night-Blooming flower. Then you can often enjoy their fragrance and beauty in the moonlight.

5) Research and join a local group that celebrates the moon with a ceremony. Don't know of one? Visit Find a Women's Circle: The DF App.

6) Create your own moon ceremony. For any Full Moon, it's a releasing ceremony where you write down your worries, fears, and regrets; then burn the paper in a fire with incense! The smoke lifts these lower vibrations up to the moon so you can release, relax and recharge. For the New Moon, it's a setting intentions ceremony where you write them down on the "celestial chalkboard" in the sky. The moon is considered dead, all black with no light until...

Have you ever chatted with Moon?
7) Enjoy a Divine Dialogue with the Moon. 
Consider asking these questions: 
* What do I need to know for my best and highest good, dear Moon, about ______? (state issue). 

* How can I best get to know, understand, and celebrate you?
* What secrets might you reveal to me? 

Then start a written dialogue capturing your conversation. Be prepared for a lively and inspiring chat!

Whatever ways you chose to celebrate this Supermoon's many gifts, start now! 

It can be as simple as writing down the moon's dates; going outside to stare and reflect; enjoying a moon bath; planting a night-blooming flower; joining a virtual or in-person group to celebrate; creating your own moon ceremonies or; having and writing a dialogue with the moon! 
Observe your energies before, during, and after these activities and moon dates. Jot them down in a journal.

Isn't it time to howl ARH-WOOOOOOOOO?! 
Can you see yourself sitting on the Florida sand for a moon ceremony?
P.S. You're invited to join with me and only 8 other writing sisters at the private, all-inclusive Women's Gulfport Writing Retreat: Recharge Your Body & Creative Soul, April 29 - May 3, 2018. Join the waiting list now to get the first invitation! Just let me know with your comment below.

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