Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Why and How to Find Your 2019 Fountain of Youth Words

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"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of others."
 ~ Sophia Loren

To tap into your "fountain of youth," consider this simple and powerful practice; it's one that I've enjoyed every January 1 to start my Soul Spa Day and taught in Vision Mapping workshops for a decade.


Words are waymarks, a “symbol or signpost marking the route of a footpath.” On this auspicious day, these are sacred words that now find you--or that you chose--to guide your thoughts, words, and deeds in the new year. (Thanks to, Joy Siren, for introducing me to this word!)

The goal is now diving deep to discover words that will inspire and inform "the route of your footpath."

Here's how. Try these simple five steps:
1) Get quiet and be still. 
2) Breathe until your breathing slows...
3) Then place an oracle deck of cards on your heart; other options could be using a favorite book or dictionary.
4) When ready, ask the question: 
What do I need to know for and about my best and Highest good in 2019?
5) Take your time...Let your left hand be guided to choose one card, or cut the deck 19 times for the new year; if using a book, open to any page, or flip 19 pages and scan it for words that POP! (The left hand's veins and arteries are directly connected to your heart.)

The perfect "fountain of youth" word or words will appear. They will find you. That simple. 

Later, combine this sacred word(s) into:
* affirmations
* mantras
* goal and intention setting practices
* vision and mission statements
* a one-word New Year's resolution!

 As "symbols and signposts," they'll mark your path of creativity and writing in the months ahead. 

Celebrate your word waymarks by making a color copy and keeping them in a journal or on the desktop as a screen saver.

The Fountain of Youth legend lives on in Florida, from the Spanish "florido, full of flowers."

My 2019 Word: Regenerator
Angel Tarot Card, Doreen Virtue
Emotional, Romantic, Enthusiastic, Contemplative. The need to balance emotions. An invitation to a social event.

Voyager Tarot Card, Dr. James Wanless, Ph.D.
As a regenerator and revitalizer, you are emotionally creative. Like the life-giving rain, you can transform a barren situation into a garden of emotional delight and abundance.

Your inner fountain of youth creates new emotional life and vitality.

You are a healer. Like bubbly, playful water, you can bring happiness and joy through the restorative power of laughter and good feeling.

Your energy is a medicinal spring that heals the physically sick and troubled heart.

My 2019 Writing & Creativity Words: Blocks Lifted
Archangel Gabriel Oracle Card, Doreen Virtue 
For the third year in a row, the exact same one arrived early this morning...Blocks Lifted! Now, what are the statistical chances of that?
Previous obstacles came from fear, and they are now lifted away.

What "fountain of youth" words found you today? Thank you in advance for sharing in the comments below.

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  1. I am definitely going to try your method later this evening, Lore, when things are quiet to find deeper meaning for different aspects of my Life. Right now, my theme word for 2019 is Grace. Happy New Year!

    1. GRACE...what a lovely, tender word that holds great power! Looking forward to supporting you on your hero's journey to attract and express GRACE.

  2. This is awesome! Love the idea of using a deck or book to allow the right words to come through. Right now mine is connection. I feel a deep desire to connect to my higher self more of the time, to connect to my divine feminine and find balance, to connect to the earth and to the people I am interacting with and serving. I am also curious about what will come up with this exercise. Thanks!

    1. You're so welcome. Please let me know what does happen with your words...return here and share, Ana.

  3. What a fun exercise Lore. Thanks for the inspiration. I will try this soon.

  4. What a fun post! I may need to incorporate some cards into my ongoing waymark work for the new year.

  5. How fun, thank you for sharing your exercise Lore. Having the same word 'Blocks Lifted' 3 years in a row is definitely a message from the Universe! Happy 2019 and Beyond <3

    1. You're welcome! I hope to read what your word(s) are.

  6. How fun! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing this exercise, Lore. Happy New Year.

    1. You're so welcome! Happy New Year, to you, too, Cindy!

  7. Can't wait to try this out. Need to set aside some quiet, undisturbed time for this. I'm excited to see what comes up for me.

    1. Yes, quiet time is important, Barb. Enjoy and let me know what does cocme up for you!

  8. Before the new year started the word that came to me was LOVE. Yesterday Mother Mary came to me which inspired me to use her deck of cards for the daily message, the archangels were with me as "we" chose a card. Their word for the year and message to the world is "Integrity" It's a very powerful word. I posted my message as my latest blog post. Again I feel we are in sync with our thought processes.

    1. LOVE...how powerful and from Mother Mary on her Feast Day of Janaury 1. You're aligned that's for sure. Blessings!PS We are Synchornicity Sisters for sure, Heather Maria!

  9. The phrase came to me in the book Synchronicity as Spiritual Guidance. "...things began to change", it just reminds me that there is always a moving forward activity in my life. I don't have to push it or try...things will begin to change on their own. After years of intention setting and such, trying to enact change in my life, this felt relaxing.

    I don't set intentions any more, but I do try to keep my emotional body clear and I have found that things begin to change quite nicely after I've freed emotional energy from stuckness. Thanks for the exercise Lore.

    1. Thanks for sharing your insights and obersvations! I appreciate the "...things began to change." And yes, they always are. You're welcome.


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