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12 Angel Muses to Ignite Your Creativity and Writing

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An old traditional saying believes, "An angel guides every act of creation."

From November 1 to January 15, some 29 holidays--everything from Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa--are observed and celebrated by seven of the world's major religions.

Angels play major roles and often reflect and inspire the holidays' or celebrations' images and symbolism. The word inspiration comes from the Latin and means, “filled with spirit.” Inspiration goes beyond imagination as a “divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” 

Creation fires up your life with new ideas which then translate into forms.

Do you believe that creativity comes from the spirit? 
Whatever you believe or don’t think so, consider expanding and opening up your thinking that Divine Downloads can more easily flow by connecting with angels as muses.

You can view angels as abstract energies or embodied in physical representations. Choose whatever works best to inspire and ignite your creativity and writing-- especially if you feel blocked or that you’re swimming in pea soup with open eyes!

Since 2011 after hosting and designing two successful angel telesummits, my relationships with angels continues to expand and bless me in countless ways. 

It’s comforting and grounding that my first actions each morning include calling upon them --especially Archangel Gabriel--to start my Divine Dialogue Writing Practice. My first outer act is to later share their inspiration on social media.

Let's meet these 12 Angel Muses!

Archangel Rafael, Angel of December and whose name means "Whom God Heals." He rules over the Zodiacal sign of Virgo.

December can be a landmine for emotions. It's a time that calls for healing in many forms and for many memories or current events. Whether physical, energetic, or spiritual, Archangel Raphael helps you on all levels. 

To connect with any archangel or angel energy as you create or write, please consider:
* Calling upon the angel by name to guide you with visions, signs, and messages. "Ask and is it given."

* Paying close attention to your surroundings after you ask. These signs will come in different forms such as songs, words in a passing conversation, and those unexpected things that pop up out of the blue. Feathers and pennies also often appear as "signs."

* Recording your dreams by keeping a pad of paper with a pen, or a phone/recorder, next to your bed. Then, upon waking, highlight your emotional impressions and details that will help you recall the full dream later. Upon deciphering your slumber movie, you will see the message unfold.

Your Guardian Angel
Growing up, did you have a Guardian Angel picture like this in your bedroom?  I did. Want to know a secret? I still have similar images and statues surrounding me while sleeping!

This angelic relationship may be your earliest muse. Perhaps your Guardian Angel prayers included help with sleeping, a test, project, or even a relationship while growing up—and even now. What’s the name of your Guardian Angel? If you don’t know, consider meditation to ask for her/his name to come to you. 

Knowing your Guardian Angel's name makes the relationship all the more personal and powerful.

Your Three Birth Angels
According to some angelologists and also in the Talmudic tradition, it is believed that you are born from Divinity.  

You arrive in an earth suit with three angelic pieces
Your Birth and Heart Angels (based on your birth date) and your Intellect Angel, based on the time you arrived.

Knowing your Birth Angels' names is exciting and comforting. They each reflect specific attributes and inversions of your personality and abilities to provide a unique, Divine lens to view life; this lens also offers perspectives to emotional and physical challenges and how to better deal with them in positive ways! (I enjoy  revealing this sacred and helpful information to clients and friends!)

The Annunciation with Archangel Gabriel sharing news of Jesus's birth to Mary.
According to A Dictionary of Angels, these are the angels of the week:

Monday-Archangel Gabriel, "God is my Strength"
Use citrine and copper to connect with his/her energies. Considered the muse for writers, authors, poets, speakers, and all messengers, Archangel Gabriel is found in several religious texts including the Christian’s Old Testament, the Muslim’s Koran, and the Jewish Talmud.

Tuesday-Archangel Camael, “He Who Sees God”
His name personifies Divine justice, strength, courage, and war in Christian and Jewish mythology and angelology. Archangel Camael often appears in the guise of a leopard.  

Wednesday-Archangel Rafael, “God’s Master Physician” or “Whom God Heals” 
Use emerald or malachite to connect with his healing energy. In Hebrew, the word "rophe" means to "to heal." According to Beliefnet, Archangel Rafael "aids in restoring and maintaining harmony and peace.  He is also the patron of travelers...and clears away fears and stressors that may be adversely affecting your health..."

Thursday-Archangel Zadkiel, “Righteousness of God” 

Use lapis lazuli to connect with his energy. Zadkiel is also called the Patron Angel of all who forgives.  Rabbinical tradition considers him to be the angel of mercy.

Friday-Archangel Haniel, “Glory of God”
Use moonstone to connect with her energy. Susan Gregg of Angels on Your Shoulders writes that she can help you "make new friends; create an outrageous love life; enhance any artistic endeavors, heighten your intuition, enliven your healing rituals (especially at new and full moon times) and; bring balance into all areas of your life."

Saturday-Archangel Tzaphiel, “Knowledge of God” 
Wear blue to connect with her energy. "She is often depicted holding a golden chalice which symbolizes the cup of knowledge and is known as the angel of compassion and understanding. This archangel also helps people learn how to love others with the unconditional love God has for them, resolve conflicts,  forgive, and develop compassion that motivates people to serve others in need,” according to Whitney Hopler.

Sunday-Archangel Michael, “He Who is Like God”

Use sugilite to connect with his energy. Michael is considered to be "the Prince of the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts, the Defender of the Faith, the Angel of Deliverance. He is also the sponsor of the police departments an law enforcement agencies around the world. Archangel Michael has figured as the greatest and most revered of angels in many scriptures and spiritual traditions. In Muslim lore, he is the angel of nature who provides both food and knowledge to man." -The Summit Lighthouse.

Two and four-footed Angels

Again, you may or may not believe in the angels of the non-physical realm. 

But surely you believe in "human angels"--people you know or even complete strangers who bless you with H.U.G.S. >Happy Unexpected God Surprises. They appear at the most unusual moments which are often labeled as being "amazing" or "funny" or "synchronous."

And then there's the animal kingdom who bring us the same H.U.G.S. with unconditional love.

Learn more about the Angel Muses with these three resources:
* Birth Angel Intuitive Session(s)--Schedule your session with me now!
 Your Special Invite to connect and explore how
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could bring value to you, a business or organization.

The official Facebook celebration and "delivery" is set for March 20, 2019, the Spring Equinox. It's an auspicious startup time to share Writing Medicine's message--and to find a home in the libraries of friends, families, and cities.

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  1. Wonderful blog post Lore! Thank you for taking the time to write down such information. As you know how much I love all the Angels and connect with them daily. It is a blessing to have them, also the earth angels in human and animal form :)

    1. Happy you enjoyed and thanksfor sharing. YOU are appreciated.

  2. I do believe my present furry family member Miss Coco is a Guardian Angel sent to support me. The story and reasons would take an entire book to explain. :) I have however noticed butterflies of different colors appear out of the blue and based on their color, I know which Archangel is sending me a message.

    1. Miss Coco sounds very special, Vatsala. Sounds there's another eBook in the making, eh? How lovely that butterflies appear as signs for you and in different colors. For me, it's always dagonflied--even in the middle of parking lots with acres of asphalt and draginflies love water so I KNOW they are messengers telling me to STOP and PAY ATTENNTION.

  3. Very insightful article, Lore. Thank you for sharing the information and reminding us there's an angel for each day of the week. It's obvious you've spent a lot of time doing the research, and this topic is one that deeply warms your heart. May the angels continue to entice your curiosity.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words...may the angels always have YOUR BACK! Here's more for you: Archangel Raphael, the Healing Angel is also the Patron Saint/Angel for Travels.

  4. I have always been drawn to Angel Gabriel and thought it was only because I was a writer. Now I know that being born on a Monday has something to do with it as well.

  5. Angels are a huge part of my life, my daily practices, and my work. Lately I have been calling on Zadkiel to help with forgiveness, letting go and deeper healing. I am grateful for all my angels that are with me all the time! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and that of the angelic realm, so important!

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