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5 Ideas for Gifting the Miracle of Unwrapped Presents

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What are you gifting this holy season of love and light?
Over the years, family and friends taught me the value of giving and receiving “unwrapped pressies” to yourself and others.

The reasons are many to give unwrapped pressies as they...

* Don't involve the exchange of money
* Can be given anytime, anywhere to anyone 
* Save on wrapping and postage costs
* Always connect the head to the heart 

If you haven’t mindfully engaged in this practice, you’re invited to become a Changel--someone who lets go of the familiar way of gift giving and embraces the changes of the unknown with trust and open-heartedness. Your new mantle blends the best of two words, change + angel. Sure, shopping for and giving gifts may be what you did before--and how about doing something different this year?

Here are five ideas for gifting the miracle of unwrapped presents:

Rewind: Two years on December 6, 2016, Saint Nicholas Day, the “Miracle Mindset” issue of Aspire Magazine arrived in inboxes everywhere!  Please enjoy these excerpts from my feature story, “Four Secret Gifts from the Three Wise Women for Birthing Miracles.”

Three of the five, secret unwrapped gifts include:

1. “From the Wise Maiden-Woman on the wings of Sparrow is the first secret gift: Open your heart to everything and everyone as being a miracle.
Rewind and consider once again experiencing your world with "childlike wonder.”

2. “From the Wise Mother-Woman on the wings of Eagle is the second secret gift: Create sacred space, a room at the inner inn. 
You do this by writing an "AAA List -- Always Advance Appreciation List.”

3. "From the Wise Crone-Woman on the wings of Owl is the third secret gift: Be mindful of how your expectation for miracles now appears. 
You expand on the two first secret gifts to expect and see only H.U.G.S. or Happy Unexpected God Surprises. Miracles that once seemed like only rare events, now appear as your daily norm.” 
Art: Shiloh Sophia
Additional “unwrapped pressie” ideas include:
4. Write a love letter. 
My dear friend, Joy Siren, said, “If I WERE to write a (Christmas) letter it would most likely be all about the party I was writing to (as opposed to being about me). I'd let them know how much I appreciate them and why...and I'd ask about specific things in their life, how they're enjoying their journey, what's been making their toes wiggle lately...that sort of thing." 

5. Radiate love during meditation or a walking meditation. 
Make a list of everyone you love or like, and also a list of people you don’t love or like. I use the Pink Heart Meditation: First, put your hand on your heart. Breathe. Then see a pink ribbon in figure 8's being woven around your heart, crossing to the center of the person in mind, circling their heart, and returning to your heart. Repeat 8x. 
Then, get ready for miracles!
Embrace change as something fresh and fun! 
As you welcome change, you are able to make the best choices at each moment. 

Congratulations on your new role as a Changel who gifts unwrapped pressies!

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  1. I am a Changel yesss
    I will go for number 4 .
    Will definitely write a love letter.
    Thank you for these wonderful gifts and ideas Lore. They are out of the ordinary.

    1. Indeed you are a changel, Leila! You're so welcome...happy Love Letter writing!

  2. I am a changel too! I use #4 every year with all of my loved ones. It's my way of sharing my love and gratitude with them <3

    1. How wonder-full that you do that every year, Deb. I've just started in the past couple of years...and I find that it's their FAVORITE gift.

  3. Part of my daily morning prayer says that I still believe in miracles and expect a miracle every day. Being a Changel is awesome!

    1. Indeed, you are a changel, Barb! So enjoyed today's blog post.

  4. Ahhh... You're getting me ready for my introspection and AAA time. Thanks, from one changel to another!

  5. I am a Changel to be sure. #1 Childlike Wonder - YES! The traditional way left the station long ago and I have never looked back!

    1. I see that childlike wonder in you, Deb! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. I am enjoying creating sacred space, a room at the inner inn during my writing retreat. Great list, Lore!

    1. Wishing you a happy time in your inner inn, Lisa!

  7. Great list, Lore. I'm working on #1, I'm living in #2, #3 is a little tough yet, #4 I do (often) when I write in my journal and #5... ah yes... #5 I do with every step I take.

  8. Love this list Lore! Such gorgeous energy. Thank you!


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