Birth Angel Sessions

Every adventure needs expert guides to point the way. Answer questions. Offer hope, insights, and information. The same holds true for YOU as you clarify your dreams and roadblocks, open your heart, and take inspired action!

All angel experts share that angels are everywhere but first, you must ask for their help.
Information about the birth angels is timeless and available.
Then what’s unique about these Birth Angels Sessions?
It’s my ability to synthesize the content-rich information with strong intuitive and clairsentient skills; I then translate it to help you arrive at the answers you’re seeking.

Some questions from previous Birth Angel clients have included:
  • What am I to do next as I hate my job? 
  • How do I let go of my fears and move forward? 
  • How do I get unblocked in my writing and projects?
  • How could the angels help me? I’ve always had questions of why I am this way or why that happened.

Do any of these questions connect with you?

While I’m delighted to be your “spiritual tour guide,” my suggestion is to also include the non-physical realm.
Why not invite your three birth angels to support you? 

Purpose Angel: Related to your day of birth, your life purpose, and passions.
Helps answer the question: What is uniquely mine to do and what does that look like?

Heart Angel: Related to your day of birth, your love and lovingness, along with human heart feelings gained from life’s events.
Helps answer the question: How can my emotions guide me, my relationships, and future?

Thought Angel: Related to the time of your birth, thinking, and abilities to understand deeper, spiritual Truth principles.
Helps answer the question:  How can my mind best express my awareness, knowledge, and wisdom?

Do you believe in angels? An 2011 Associated Press Poll “showed that 77% of adults (American) believed these ethereal beings to be real.”

* * * *

All angel experts believe that angels are everywhere—And that it’s up to you to ask for their help.
Are you ready to ask for expanded guidance on your journey?

Why Not Schedule Your Birth Angel Session Now?
How? Visit Contact page and let me know in the comments:
  1. How many Birth Angel Sessions you seek
  2. Your time zone and
  3. The best two dates, am/pm times in your time zone.
I will reply to you within 24 hours or less.
Once scheduled, a Birth Angel Session Preparation Check List will be emailed asking for your date and time of birth, along with the conference call information.

Each overview and discussion of your Birth Angel(s) requires approximately one, 44-minute session. The first session is typically longer to connect and to offer more background information on the birth angels.

The replay link is shared only with you and remains available as long as the recording lasts. This allows you to be note-taking free so you can replay it as often as you want.

Depending on your priority question(s), choose which angel(s) you seek insight and informational support from: Purpose Angel; Heart Angel, and/or Thought Angel (Must know time of birth, hour and am/pm)

Meet One Birth Angel, 1 Session of 44 minutes

Meet Two Birth Angels, 1 Session of 88 minutes

Meet All Three Birth Angels, 1 Session of 108 minutes

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