Tuesday, November 27, 2018

What will you birth in December's delivery room?

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"A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes alive." ~ Norman Cousens

How will you deliver your ideas in December?
You're now moving from November's sacred space of gratitude into joyful expectations of new projects. New dreams. New beginnings. 

Consider a combination of being and doing as December is the final gestation period to enjoy...
Quiet solace.
Quiet pauses of patience.
Quiet walks with Mother Nature.
Quiet time writing Christmas or holiday cards.
Quiet hours of baking and "testing" your samples.
Quiet moments of brooding.
Quiet spaces of star gazing.

All these activities prepare you to celebrate a creative pregnancy with successful births--ones that POP! as your new ideas, words, projects, events, collaborations, online courses, and hope. Perhaps you're thinking of creating a blog, memoir, poem, story, play--or even writing a book.
What names will you give these dreams that seek to be birthed?
Throughout 2017, I was happily birthing two writing retreats, one in Florida and another in Bali. Then in September, Hurricane Irma's destruction impacted the physical and inner landscapes of her residents, animals, and wildlife. It took several more months to recover than expected; the retreats were placed back on the "library shelf." All creative juices evaporated followed by emotional fatigue. Still, the dreams of the retreats live and breathe within...and one day, when they're ready, will appear.

Instead, the book that makes my "history come alive" and gestating for 13 years with the genesis of my spiritual writing process--the Divine Dialogue Writing System--sought all my energies and the light of expression. 

And the name is...
Writing Medicine: The Must-Have Guide for Your Hero's Journey to Inner Healing--now seen here with her first ultrasound to excitedly share with friends and family. 
Would welcome a virtual cuppa with you to chat and see where the healing message of Writing Medicine might add value to your podcast, webinar, event, and/or blog--or someone you know. Message me?

The official Facebook celebration and "delivery" is set for March 20, 2019, the Spring Equinox. It's an auspicious startup time to share Writing Medicine's message--and to find a home in the libraries of friends, families, and cities.
Like a holiday fruitcake, this time is filled with emotions protruding as sheer joy and absolute panic--and thinking you're going nuts! For those who've experienced physical pregnancy, you understand. For me, my only child Nazlie was adopted--born of my heart and not my body. So, this "birthing" is new territory to navigate.

And if you're in the same emotional waters, perhaps you can find courage and comfort as  I have...

There's something soul-soothing about trusting that the moon and stars always show up.
The constellations illuminate your home sky They dazzle like rhinestones on a navy blue velvet dress. Mother Nature is indeed one talented seamstress!

Think about it. The stars appear every night regardless of what's happened in the world. Nightly news never reports, "The stars came out (or didn't come out) tonight!" Best of all, this light show costs nothing. No power bill ever arrives.

When you see the ancient December night sky, be reminded of a pregnant teenager.
Thousands of years ago, she traveled as a young girl nine months pregnant on a donkey under the stars. She and husband Joseph journeyed to an unknown and unwelcoming place to an uncertain destiny. Their child is considered significant by many--the Messiah, a guru, great teacher, holy man, and miracle worker. Jesus's story is told in the Bible, the most read book of all time. 

With the stars guiding you, may you also birth all your December dreams!

Who knows, once delivered they might become gifts that change the world.
Please share the names of your dreams in the comments.

Shout Outs! 
to some of Writing Medicine's "midwives"
Joy Siren, Genteel Arts Philanthropist at Whimsicalitea
and Juan Padron, Venezuela, Book Cover Designer
This inspiring book brought colorful richness to Writing Medicine!

This book was my roadmap that kept me from getting lost!


  1. Earlier this year I did a tarot card reading that said December was bound to be magical. Many energies revolve around the Winter Solstice. I'm wishing for many miracles in my life and for that of the world. Blessings

    1. Seeing those miracles unfolding perfectly for you, Heather Maria! And so it is

  2. Wohoooo Lore! So happy for you, can’t wait to celebrate with you. I love that title.
    This December am presenting my new babies (shoesssss) to the target market and am pretty excited to see this baby alive.

    1. Thank you, Leila, for sharing in my joy! Excited to see your "babies"!

  3. This December, I'll be completing 2 projects or at least getting them ready for 2019 on money and finance, the field that I specialized in and which has been calling me back for attention since April this year. One will be an ebook and the other an online course for non-finance people. Who says one can't do it all, Lore? :)

    1. How exciting that these two projects are coming to "term" and will arrive soon! Looking forward to reading them, Vatsala.

  4. Congratulations on your new birth! May it heal and help many!

  5. Congratulations on the creation of your new life form. Isn't the creative process wonderful! Enjoy.

    1. Thanks for your kind words...just wish I knew who you were.

  6. Congratulations, Lore. You have a lovely gift to share with the world. May your written words expand beyond what you thought was possible.

    1. Many thanks, Cindy, for your kind words an well wishes...YES! Expansion....

  7. Congratulations Lore! Your gifts to the world are beyond precious. Thank you!

  8. Love the name and cover of your new book Lore and the thoughts shared in this post. No one commenting has followed your directions teacher dear! So I will name my new phase. By the way, the book cover is a big winner, it truly grabs attention and stimulates curiosity. I'd have to say what I'm bringing forward in my life is a desire to set goals, to set my sights on a more distant horizon than I'm doing now. So, I'll call it HORIZONS AHOY. What do I want to see in my life in one year, five years. More immediately, I'm redecorating my "womb" room to make it more light and happy. So, that one I'll call WOMB ROOM NOT TOMB. Ha Ha Ha

    1. Aww, many thanks My Sis. Happy to hear about YOUR new phase...as always you are a brilliant wordsmith and I affirm that the redcorating journey is a happy and fun one!


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