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Three Stages of Evolution: The Soul of Book Writing

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After 18 months, I am grateful for the gentle book writing evolution through different and surprising stages. The following reflections surfaced during a recent Divine Dialogue Writing meditation.

Book writing is anything but completing just a checklist; establishing a writing practice; identifying your ideal reader and; setting a daily writing goal. There's a considerable expansion of experiences you might not be aware of. 

Perhaps these insights will help you or someone you know who's writing a book or perhaps thinking about writing their autobiography.

Thank you in advance for letting me know which stage you connected with or perhaps are now in.

Tasks are essential, and I believe these three stages speak to the soul of book writing from another perspective. 
They include:

#1 Ego Stage: “I am writing a book.”
Here you excitedly announce your plans to write a book and share the answer above when asked, “What are you doing these days?” With dreamy, hopeful sparkles in your eyes, visions of sugarplums and the title of New York Times bestselling author dance in your head!

Caught up in perhaps your own happy hype, your book writing is hit or miss while completing some or none of the book writing course modules (like me). 

Delusions, distractions, and denials get amplified; you think you’re writing your book by writing other projects, i.e., a blog, proposal, or new website copy.

You allow your dream to come true and begin.

#2 Ego Fading Stage: “The book is writing me.
Submerged into the mystery of book writing, a butterfly transition begins; you become aware that this is a co-creative project that requires discipline. Something more expansive than yourself calls you to share your story.

A commitment to collaboration becomes essential to honor the ideas and words found in research. Perhaps, you’re now faithfully keeping the goal of writing 111 minutes every day (like I was), completing course modules, and writing for fewer projects.

You accept your book writing assignments with joy, satisfaction, and eagerness!

#3 Ego-free Stage: “Book is writing me.”
In this sacred place, there’s no option, no turning back, no excuses. A subtle and profound shift happens within your psyche and soul. The writing now completely transforms how you spend your time, talent, and treasure. For example, if I could take a pill for all my daily nutritional needs--DONE! 

You sweetly remember and embrace the purposeful passion that catapulted you onto this literary journey. There’s no "should" or "could." There’s only must

Book exudes a seductive, attracting energy to do her bidding—to write!

You surrender to what is yours to do. You now write until you don’t write. 

What’s next? I’m not sure. 
I know that Book will have something to say sometime. 
I also know she's...
Our launch date is March 20, 2019, the New Moon of the Spring Equinox.
Book and I hope you will join us!

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  1. Lore,

    I love the way you broke this down into three stages of evolution. So true! I am currently writing a book about intimacy based on a true experience, and with open palms, I am in the third stage. I am curious as to how this will come together! My daily practice is to sit with it, to write and to be open to the evolution!

    Thanks for sharing my book and The Writing Incubator! I am so excited to see what emerges for each of us in the 100 days we spend together in community.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks so much for reflecting where you are in your book writing evolution, Andrea. I look forward to reading your next book!

  2. The second stage sounds so much like where I am right now. I have realised the book writing process requires discipline and I must do so. 😊 thank you for the break down Lore. Makes it seem easier.

    1. You're so welcome, Leila. And yes, I found that disipline and setting up a DAIlY PRACTICE is essential--otherwise the denials and distractions will increase and take you off course...and that's OK too.
      It is indeed a literary and profound spiritual journey.
      Let me know how I can support you.

  3. This was wonderful and right on the money! I loved it!

  4. I love the 3 stages, Lore, very true. I've found having a framework helps and quite often in the Kindles that I have written, certain chapters first drafts were written before the preceding ones. It was all about the Muse telling me what I need to write about at that moment.

    For sure, I had to do edits and revise things to make sure the book flowed rather than start, stop and jump.

    1. Happy you enjoyed them. I wish I'd know this framework which is why I'm so excited to share it with others. How many Kindles have you publsihed?

  5. "Book writing is anything but completing just a checklist..." Amen, sister. There's so much more involved than most people realize. The good news is that, even when "procrastinating," there's always something to do. (Well, it *looked* like good news until I re-read it.) I'm currently moving through the process of choosing a topic I can live with for the next year or two. Look forward to hearing more of your process.

    1. Thanks for your reply, Andrea. Choosing a topic can take time and I am sure with your garding skills, you'll allow one to blossom that's perfect! Yes, the literary journey continues!

  6. Haha! I had to chuckle at the names of your steps. But what a huge difference between step 2 and 3, right? I hope you're enjoying the writing process. xoxo

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  8. Congrats, Lore! You are moving it through from dream to reality!


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