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How to Use the Full Moon to Write

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“What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word, and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down. Hey. That's a pretty good idea. I'll give you the moon, Mary.”
 – George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life
Do you want the moon?! I do. A love affair with Moon (my affectionate name for both the Full Moon and New Moon) began five years ago when my current publisher, J.S. Devivre, of E. Gads Hill Press, invited me to write a full moon ritual for her online magazine. Seems she detected a love of rituals cultivated from my Catholic spiritual roots. 
“La Bella Luna” now impacts when and how I write.

Consider these five ways to engage Moon to help you write in luminescent ways:
Find out Moon's celestial show schedule. Her energies begin building the day before, peak the day of, and remain present--though not as strong--the day after. Mark your calendar for all three days. Consider buying a 2019 calendar/ planner that includes the official Full Moon dates. (FYI: Coming soon! The Full Hunter's Moon appears on October 24, 12:45 pm EDT.)
Like the ancients and the Divine Feminine, allow Moon to help you keep track of time, record history, and celebrate birthdays.
Because she's loved and seen across the globe, Moon is known by many names. Some come from our Native Americans, but the Chinese and other cultures use different names. For eons, her beauty and power to impact the tides and even the birth of children inspired the tender, respectful reverence of millions.
"Moon is known by many names."

Start shifting your thoughts to connect with Moon’s magnetic energy to write. This is one of the most energetic times on the planet! Moon's generous, powerful LIGHT beams on you and me on average from 238,855 miles away—and at no charge. For a perspective, that would be like walking coast-to-coast 47 times across the USA.

Doesn’t it make common and intuitive sense that with a heightened awareness, you can now tap into this cosmic energy? Do you believe that you might “lasso” all that’s light-filled and positive at least once a month?
Create space, clear and cleanse.
Make a scared appointment with yourself on one of the three calendar days that you circled in Full Moon Writing Ritual #1; trust that it's a time for you and Moon with pen and paper. Many writers and creatives complain that there’s no time to write. That’s why setting this once-a-month intention becomes a space for you to write dreams, desires, questions, answers, fantasies—except for business projects to start out with.
While writing, reinforce the sacred appointment with sensory experiences. Consider using white sage to cleanse and clear yourself and where you write. Dab on an essential oil associated with Archangel Haniel, the Moon Angel. These oils include bay, carnation, chamomile, grapefruit, lemon, myrrh, orange, rose or sandalwood. Choose one!
Write in a dimly lit room with only white, soy candles.
Why low light? It is through the contrast of darkness with light that subtle surprises unfold. Dust bunnies and distractions disappear. Focus now appears—something writers and creatives often complain about not having. In this setting, your writing enjoys fresh eyes on the topic.
"Your pen is now free to flow with words that will surprise and delight you."

Divine Downloads.
If you’ve moved through the first three FULL MOON WRITING RITUALS, Intuition is thrilled that you’re now open to hearing that “still small voice.” The quiet space moves your writing into a deeper, unknown dimension. By freeing yourself physically and emotionally, your pen is now free to flow with words that will surprise and delight you.
Trust Intuition—she’s got your back.

Express Emotions.
With complete abandon, allow your words to howl at Moon! There’s no “waymark”--the word my publisher calls a deadline--about how long or how much to write. (Waymarks are so much softer sounding don’t you think?)
With the power of MOON now securely wrapped in your lasso, consider responding to these 5 prompts:
Who or what…
* Needs releasing and letting go?
* Seeks forgiveness?

* Wants love and blessings? 

* Yearns for expression?
* Deserves healing energy?
Include yourself.

Take your answers to "releasing and letting go" and burn them; if you can't do that, tear up the paper and trash it.
“Full moons stir up our emotions and amplify mystical powers connected to the human spirit. You take joy in watching what was once dark come into the light, your mind plays out scenes of potential chaos in a wild and untamed world while also basking in deep and uninhibited feeling that is impossible to define.” 
-Deborah King
Why not gift yourself with these Full Moon Writing Rituals to write differently by tapping into the ancestral, Divine Feminine energies? Every month, rain or shine, hurricane or forest fire, Moon seeks to shine a light on you and your writing.
P.S. What FULL MOON WRITING RITUAL(s) might you try and why?
Are you a selenophile?

"How do you use the Full Moon to write?" I asked my writing sisters on Monday. 
With gratitude, here are their replies:

Suzie Cheel I do release, reflect and reconnect on the Full Moon. Often writing a list of what I am releasing to bring in the new. I might go outside with crystals, a glass of water sometimes I might draw, meditate, drawing the energy of the moon to my heart. Then I light a candle and set fire on a metal bowl the list. Then visualizing the abundance and love, I am calling in 

Genevieve Kohn I write when the mood strikes me, or when I am submitting something to a publication and I have a deadline. I don't use the moon cycles to determine when I write. How cool that others do that though.

Michelle Lewis I love using the Moon cycles primarily for my personal energy and deep-wisdom check-in; it often brings forward something to write about.

Kathleen Gubitosi I use the moon cycles to write a monthly meditation for myself. I record it and then let my mind wander to the things I want to great and release in the next 30 days. It keeps me focused.

Barb Parcells I write every day but on the Full Harvest Moon, my journaling turns to harvest the lessons and blessings from this past year.

Kerrie Wearing I always sit and connect with the soul of full moon energy, which then inspires me with info which I share in my newsletter for others. Enjoy your harvest moon, here it's spring so new beginnings are being set.

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  1. The moon is something special. It's always made me feel better. All I have to do is stare up to the moon and it brings me peace. La Luna... I am grateful and thankful

    1. Agreed. Looking up changes the energy, gives a perspective, and Moon's light always blesses.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom as always Lore.

  4. Love this post Lore! I've been taking advantage of these full moon energies to write while here in NC. It's been a powerful time of creation. Will implement some of those wonderful strategies you've suggested...thank you! <3

    1. She is lovely! And it is a powerful time of releasing to make room for all those creations you spoke of. Enjoy NC!

  5. I love the moon and was always attracted to her since I was young. The hebrew calendar is lunar and the Jewish day begins in the evening, so my tradition is very connected to the moon. By the way, in Hebrew, the moon is referred to as masculine and the sun as feminine, interesting. I would like to find a simple way to incorporate the moon cycles into a powerful ritual and your writing rituals are giving me great ideas! Thank you for this wonderful moon power post.

    1. My pleasure to share, Rachel. And so appreciated learning MORE aboout Moon in the Jewsih tradition!

  6. I refer to the moon as Grandmother Moon, as my Native teachers taught me. She is the old, wise one who watches over us as we sleep and fills our dreams with wisdom and knowledge. When she is full, I write more deeply and authentically.

    1. I like that, Barb. I appreciated your "harvest" comments, too.

  7. Lore, the Moon has been a calming and soothing presence in my life for so long. Whether its catholic traditions or Sufi traditions, both revolve around the cycle of the moon. I love your beautiful ritual to absorb the Moon's energy to instill a writing practice. Thank you for sharing them.
    xoxo, Z~

    1. Such wisdom, Zeenat! Thank you for your comments. Yes, we are all ONE under MOON and SUN.

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  9. Wow how did i miss this. tomorrow night i am going to bring that ritual back and paint my full moon abundance, thank you xxx

  10. Lovely ideas on how to harness the beauty and power of the moon, Lore! I especially love number 3 and just might try it and see what arises!

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