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How Words Magically Write You Through Pain

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Away we go! 
Like Scheherazade, the storyteller and character in the Arabic tale of One Thousand and One Nights, I love reading and researching. She immersed herself in studying and collecting the stories—said to number 1,000—about the myths and legends of Persian Kings.

At the time, her King discovered the unfaithful activities of his wife; in revenge, he vowed to marry a new virgin every day and behead her the next day to avoid future infidelities.

To her family’s upset, the virgin Scheherazade volunteered for the marital assignment. The first night with the King found her weaving a story using her extensive book knowledge. As a bright, quick-witted woman, she stopped telling the story half-way through as the sun rose; this forced the King to keep her around another day.

What happened?
She repeated her masterful “to be continued” storytelling for another 1,001 nights. The King fell in love with her and eventually crowned her queen.

Everyone needs a Genie in a bottle.
One of her stories included Aladdin and His Magic Lamp. Many versions retelling this classic fairy tale exist including the Disney movie Aladdin (1992).

Central to this story, Aladdin discovers and opens a magic lamp and poof! A trapped Genie escapes to gratefully grant him three wishes.

Like Aladdin, I, too, discovered a magic lamp which held a kind, generous, and talented genie. Her name is J.S. Devivre of arts nonprofit Whimsicalitea's E. Gads Hill Press who agreed to grant me three wishes: to help me plan, publish, and launch my first book!

Our metaphorical magic carpet ride started on September 17 as she mapped out our path for the months ahead in a detailed spreadsheet. Flying high, the moon blanketed me with ecstatic and ebullient feelings.

The sands of time always change.
This joy lasted 48 hours until I read a social media post that knocked me off the magic carpet. The words felt hurtful and hateful with name-calling and an invitation for others to agree with these judgments.

After picking myself up from the crash, I let words magically start writing me through the pain.  

The book-writing adventure continues.
Today’s Magic Carpet Timeline with what J.S. terms “waymarks” (deadlines) calls for blogging to begin sharing my publishing journey from pen to print. Emotionally zapped from this week, I resisted--that's when I knew it's the hour to put pen to paper. When raw emotions flow, so do the right and perfect words.

It’s the Fall Equinox, and the 179-day countdown begins with a celebration on the Spring Equinox, March 20, 2019--the publishing launch date. 

(Don’t you think it’s magical that the two celestial events of the equinoxes act as the bookends to my book adventure?)

So what next?
Here I am…
Bruised and blogging.

Writing and healing.

Processing what’s useful from this week’s experience to add to the book and;

Storytelling about the pearls gained from this week’s painful lessons to serve you—that is if you want to write a book or are somewhere in your own book-writing journey.

Allow yourself to receive.
This is the most precious pearl to share: Whatever happens with book writing—or anything else in life—allow your friends and family to support you because you're worth it!

Life conspires to support you. Loved ones will remind of this Truth until you can remember. Thank goodness.

By sharing your authentic feelings like I did in my blog post, you allow others to also share their emotions even when painful. You make it safe to be your friend or loved one. Embrace their wisdom and suggestions. Take everything in and then chose what you want to keep or leave on the table.

Like Sheherazade, I choose to now press pause in the story. Let’s hope you want to read more pearls. Please follow me and come back to see what happens next…

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  1. This is such a beautiful and insightful article. It's amazing how words can be so powerful - they can make us feel so much in an instant. I'm so glad this article was written to remind us of the power of words and how they can help us cope with pain.

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