Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Your Title for the New Year?

Every creative masterpiece of art, music, sculpture, cinema, or theater receives a title, even the title of "Untitled."

So do books. 
Imagine trying to find, buy, or recommend a book without a title. 
You even wear and share a title; of course, the exact words change depending on where and with whom you're speaking or writing to.

Why not create a New Year’s Title that captures the essence of your yearnings, the masterpiece you seek to create called your life?

You might be saying, “I’ve always used ___ and it seems to work…This sounds too easy…Never heard of this idea before.”

Consider these four reasons to take inspired action:

Creating a New Year’s Title isn’t work
Once you set your intention to easily and happily discover “it”, the creative process might take 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 30 minutes, or just a wee bit more time. Promise.

Creating a New Year’s Title becomes your 30-second commercial in social settings and for social media expressions. 
Working titles are expressions of word economy. They're short, sweet, and to the point. You can easily remember it and so will friends, family, colleagues, and clients. Now it can set the tone for all communiqués.

Creating a New Year’s Title allows Source to show up and support you. 
You say you trust, have faith, and believe in something greater than yourself. You also post, coach, blog, write, and speak about this value. Ask Source to share what your New Year’s Title for 2017 might be.

Creating a New Year’s Title really works! 
There's a simplistic energy generated from remembering and repeating just one phrase, one mantra, one complete idea. Gone are the days of writing long lists, making resolutions, taking goal-setting workshops, or completing single spaced, yearly planners--for me anyway.

Rewind to January 1, 2016, for my story
I’m sometimes called the “Vision Queen” for three decades of sacred service to empower women. To be transparent, January 2011, marked the last time I created a Vision Map, set traditional goals, or did anything remotely forward planning or thinking.

So, imagine my surprise while meditating on my annual Soul Spa Day of January 1, 2016, that these words popped up on my internal iPad:

Passionate, Prospering Partnerships in Sacred Service

After my initial shake-your-head thoughts, I wrote down the exact words in my new journal; at the time, I didn't understand why or how this was to become my New Year's focus. It was Source delivering a New Year’s Title for 2016. I’d later shorten the title to P3 + S2.

In January, four invitations arrived inviting me to be part of collaborative books.  I said “yes” to all the publisher’s invitations. Evidence? Please visit my Amazon Author’s Page for a sampling of how my New Year’s Title for 2016 came true! Each book project came with valuable lessons in creativity, writing, editing, meeting a deadline, and partnering. Were the stories written in sacred service? I think so. And it seems others agreed as three books climbed to the #1 Amazon International Bestseller lists in several categories.

How to Create Your New Year’s Title for 2017
It’s really simple. It takes engaging in the practice of meditation, walking meditation, quieting the chipmunk mind, or just luxuriating in a lavender scented bubble bath.

What’s important to know is that while you’re engaging in one of these soul-full activities, just ask yourself quietly or out loud, “What's my New Year's Title for my best and Highest Good in 2017?” Write your question down. Then allow the Divine Dialogue to follow.

Keep asking…gently…breathing…asking.

That’s it. The answer will arrive. 
You just have to ask.

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  1. My Title for 2017 is Uncomplicated: A Year of Ease and Grace :-)

    1. I knew you had a word, Peggy, so your title is frosting on the cake. I could day DITTO!Safe travels to Key West.

  2. True North: A Woman's Journey To Find Her Place Of Belonging

  3. I've not thought of creating a title. Hmmm pondering the richness to this idea.

    1. Thanks, Natasha. Looking forward to hearing what your magical blessing title might be!

  4. Mine for this year is Divine Intervention. I had a dream about this and will be watching out for it in my life and also create it for my clients.

    1. Lovely, Lira! yes, it will be fun to see how ti unfolds in the months ahead.

  5. I'll give this a try. Thanks for the inspiration, Lore :)

  6. I think I'll go get a massage and see if anything comes to me!

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