Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Celebrate the New YOU Year!

Celebrate the New YOU! How? With A Soul-Spa Day!
For several years I've made it a practice to "unplug to plug in" on the first day of the year. 

Since I haven't celebrated New Year's Eve by leaving my home for decades, it's easy to wake with a sense of excitement, enthusiasm and expectancy! And for the first time, I'm dancing with 400 of my closest friends that night. 

I read somewhere and now believe, that whatever you do, say or think that first day sets a tone and template for the year. So, I've tried to include as many positive, happy things as possible to do on the list below. 

My Soul-Spa Day lasts until about noon--since it started at 4:30 am-- and then I'm off for lunch with friends and family. I definitely want seeing loved ones and eating out somewhere fun to be continued many, many times in 2017.

Step One: Read more and if the ideas feel yummilicious, then gather up your Soul-Spa day supplies. Take action!

Visionary sister, Ingrid, luxuriating in a Bali spa on my VisionQuest, 2009
Step Two: For New Year's Eve start shifting your energies by: 
Taking a cleansing bath. Writing sister Natasha Botkin's blog shares new and gentle ways to engage with this ritual.

Eating a different food for dinner with someone you'd never thought of asking for dinner or just cooking something new.

Dining differently; open the restaurant section of your paper's "best pics" and choose one, consciously or randomly.

Dreaming in new sheets to remember those miracles are just around the corner.

Wearing new jammies for the New YOU Year's Eve!

Setting the alarm to wake at 4:30 am so that you can feel total love and the archangel's presence at 4:44 am.

Step Three: For January 1, YOUR SOUL-SPA DAY ™: 
Start your New YOU Year by pampering your soul and…
Lighting incense and a new soy candle. If you're a daily candle burner like me, you'll want to read this blog before you buy and burn any more candles.

Reading “something borrowed, something blue, and something new." I'm blessed to know many gifted writers and Visionary Female Authors. That's why I wouldn't try to single out any one author's book. In the four books that I contributed to this year, you'll find 500+ inspiring stories including my six stories. Please browse my Amazon Author Page.

Writing in a new journal with a new pen; why write in something from the past or with an old pen? My favorite journal is the $2.00, magnetic flapped and lined one from a Dollar Store. (I fill one a month.) Favorite pen? The bold, Pilot G-2 (10) for it's flow; it's also made here in Florida where I live.

Meditating in silence or walking to check out the sunrise. My favorite meditation music is Dr. Wayne Dyer's "I AM Wishes Fulfilled." He called it "the most powerful meditation on the planet!" 

Praying by song, chant, or dance.

Visiting Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine for inspiring ideas from our talented contributors. Share your thoughts, hopes, and dreams with us.

Creating a Master Gratitude List for 2016 *AND* an Always Advance Appreciation List for 2017 (AAA List.)
A wooden, lidded, carved chest from Bali graces my bedroom. All year long it's slowly filled with photos, cards, notes, and copies of emails from loved ones.There are also movie stubs and programs from special events. (I am a paperholic and wordaholic you know.) It's like opening a precious treasure chest on New Year's Day! What fun to hold every piece of paper and slowly "walk" through my year by rereading and seeing these memories. As I do, names and events are added to my Master Gratitude List for 2016.

The second and final gratitude list to wrap up the Soul-Spa Day is writing the Always Advance Appreciation List --or the AAA List-- this intentionally pre-paves the year with all that I seek to BE and to DO.

Now, after all these wonder-full activities, I think I need a massage! How about you? Too bad that, Susan, my ahhh-mazing massage therapist is taking her own Soul-Spa Day. Or that Palm Springs isn't closer to St. Petersburg so that I could get a massage from friend and writing sister, Kim Brandi Baldwin.

Step Four: Celebrate YOU and your start to a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2017!

P.S. And what better way to do this than to join me and 9 other women messengers and entrepeneurs at the all-inclusive Treasure Island Beach Writer's Rereat
Early pricing until January 23 for only 9 sacred spaces.

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