Saturday, December 24, 2016

I wonder...

It's Christmas Eve Day.
And I wonder…
All I can think about is the Christ child born two thousand years ago. How are you remembering and hopefully, celebrating him in sacred ways?

Jesus became the first famous homeless person.
Think about it. A stable for animals is where this gentle soul's weary parents settled in--grateful to be out of the chilly night air of Bethlehem, the animals' breath warming the dark space. Jesus was born in a place with no address. He was born homeless in an unfriendly land.

I wonder…what possessions did they have?
How do you bring such a BIG, new life into the world with so little? What intense faith, courage, and love were present from his chosen parents, Mary and Joseph.

I wonder…how many children can name these historical figures.
Too few.

I many children have no safe place to sleep tonight.
Too many.

I wonder...what the new president and cabinet will do to support homeless families.
Too uncertain.

I wonder…how many friends or readers know the experience of being homeless.
Too few.
I know what it’s like living out of the trunk of a car for months.

And as a result, I am grateful for…
Friends kindly sharing their couches and spare bedrooms.
Friends gently affirming “This too will pass.”
Friends generously giving hugs instead of judgment.
Friends saying, “There’s room at the inn for you, Lore.”

I wonder…who is out there in my city of St. Petersburg, Florida without a couch tonight.

I will make some calls today. I must as I have been blessed with so much. There go I but for the grace of God.

And you?

What do you wonder on this Christmas Eve Day?

*** I dedicate this message to my grand nephew, Peter Brooks Marrone, who chose to arrive on 12-4 to neice Melissa and Brandon. 


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