Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fun Ways to Write Your 2017 Vision & Mission Statements!

What are your vision and mission statements for the New Year?

A vision statement succinctly answers, "Where am I going?" 

Typically this is one sentence and not a compound one. Many call this phrase or sentence a branding statement.

It's your 30-second commercial to use in social and social media settings.

Make it short, sweet and memorable!

A mission statement answers the question, "How am I going to get there?"

This is a longer answer with details and dates for finish lines aka deadlines. 

Dream big! More is better! Live large!

Take 18 minutes for the next few days to answer these questions and then write them down. If you commit to this practice, you'll receive valuable life-scripts for guiding your personal and professional journeys in the weeks and months ahead.

Examples include FedEx: The World on Time and; Starbucks: "to establish Starbucks as the premier purveyors of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow." Read more of the best mission and vision statements.

If you're struggling a wee bit with these questions and have writer's block, the following writing exercise might help you. It's also fun to do as couple, family, or team. Knowing where you're all going and how you're all planning to get there creates greater clarity, synergy, and alignment.

Since you're a storyteller (Aren't we all?) it could be as simple as completing the statement, "Once upon a time I.."

Write the story, a new "tell-a-vision" of what you seek to be and to do this year.

Follow these four creative writing guidelines that I suggest to the women writers in our monthly Creative Writing Circle:
1) Set a timer for 18 minutes and continue writing until your time is up--even if that means doodlin' or mind mapping.

2) Keep your hand moving at all times; this means using a pen or pencil as the first option or typing.

3) Suspend all judgment that what you're writing about can't happen because...

4) Take a breath when the 18 minutes is up. Re-read your new "tell-a-vision" story. Celebrate what you've accomplished in a short time. Repeat the process another day until you feel complete with your story.

Congrats! You're now in the final chapter to completing your vision and mission statements.
You can take the "tell-a-vision" story--plus all your notes from New Year's resolutions and intention setting-- and apply the Popcorn Principle: Break the how's of your mission statement into bite-size pieces to implement on a monthly and daily basis. 

It's a fun and manageable process that won't overwhelm. Promise. 
This batch of newly popped popcorn becomes your overall New Year's intentions that can be added to or subtracted at any time.

Now, who wants butter on their popcorn?

P.S.  Did you know that an invitation awaits your kind RSVP to the Treasure Island Beach Writer's Retreat, April 23-28, 2017?  Early pricing closes on January 23!

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  1. Wonderful simple ideas that spur clarification. 2017 Vision & Mission statements DONE :D

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Joy. I'm working on min, tee hee! I seem to always write about what I NEED to read and do.

  2. I like the simplicity of this process. It seems I am always working on my "mission statement" and never getting it quite right. I am going to try these steps!!

    1. Happy to read that this simple process might serve you, Carol.

  3. Those are helpful and excellent definitions of vision and mission statements,Lore. Thank you for the prompts.

  4. I've just begun journaling again and have been using a prompt generator. I think I'm going to add your two questions to the mix, and will allow this to be my prompt tomorrow, and again once a week for however many weeks it takes for me to feel complete with this. Thanks, Lore!

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