Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Reading Trifecta to Open Hearts & Inspire Action

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Words that Open Hearts and Inspire Action

Question: What do three women from Florida, New Hampshire, and Ohio have in common since they’ve never met or even shared a conference call?

Answer: Peggy Nolan, Dr. Debra Reble, and I each share a deep love of the written word. We are visionary writing sisters. Crazy as it sounds, we also trust and listen to our hearts to guide our pens and passions. 

Wise women that we are (no giggling now), we also know what the Egyptians knew:
"All major organs in the body (including the heart), possess their own independent will and are capable of moving around inside the body. They also believed that the heart, rather than the brain, was the source of human wisdom as well as emotions and the personality." Source: www.studyenglishtoday.com
Joyfully, we’ve each authored new books to express this Truth in different, but similar ways. 
Why not treat yourself to a Reading Trifecta to Open Hearts and Inspire Action?

Released March 30, 2016 by the Spiritual Writers Network

Do you believe in angels? I do. So it shouldn’t have surprised me that my first published words would appear in a book about angels. I spent decades of yearning to hold a book with my words--and now, gratefully, I can. “Divine Appointments for an Angel’s Birth” is a testimonial story set in the Depression years. I wrote it to celebrate the birth of my mom, Clare Ann, and how my Scottish grandmother literally loved her into being.

Finding Our Wings is a collection of angelic short stories and poems compiled from the winning entries from Spiritual Writers Network’s 2016 writing contest. I call St. Petersburg, FL, my home and heart space after 33 years.
Next treat: Can't Die Mom
Released March 24, 2016 
In poetry, sister writer and friend, Peggy Nolan, shares her journey through divorce, breast cancer, and finding her own happily ever after on the other side of Life's lessons. Her poems are a bold take on surviving and thriving with gratitude, humor, and a zest for life.

Peggy is a 12 year breast cancer survivor, the co-author of four bestselling books and the host of the popular podcast, Let Go Move Forward. Her work has appeared in Huffington Post, Aspire Magazine, and StepMom Magazine. Peggy lives in Derry, New Hampshire with her husband, Richard. 

Official release on May 24-- And you can pre-order now!

In these pages, sister writer and friend, Dr. Debra L. Reble, brings you even deeper into the healing energy of love. Being Love reveals how opening to the essence of love within ourselves can empower us to create and sustain love, joy, happiness, and healing in every area of our lives. It invites us to experience a homecoming to our hearts, and discover our soul purpose―which is ever, and only, love.
Debra lives in Ohio with husband, Doug and golden fur-baby, Shiloh.

You’re invited to order your copy of Being Love today.
As a thank you, you’ll receive Deb’s “5 piece Being Love Gift Bundle” and 
over 45 transformational gifts from friends like Peggy and me.  
Go to Being Love.

P.S. But wait…Doesn’t a heart have four chambers? Yes, you’re right. So who’s missing? While never missing in our three lives, the answer is Linda Joy, a visionary publisher, creatrix of Aspire Magazine, and just a spirit you will love. She connected once-upon-a-time strangers like Peggy, Debra, and me through her private Facebook group, Visionary Female Authors.

With grateful hearts, we each say, thank you, dear Linda Joy.

P.S.S. There are more books on the way...stay tuned!


  1. What a powerhouse you 3 are and inspiring me to get moving on my own stiry and an update of book 1 love you xxoo

    1. Ahhh, so kind of you to say, Suzie. Thank you! xoxo

  2. What an amazing post, full of love and light. I'm so happy for you and I know your books will bring so much good into the world! xo, Reba

    1. YOU are appreciated, Reba, for your kind words. I was just going to write about my book when the Divine Whisper came to expand the love by sharing about Deb and Peggy's books. So the trifecta idea was hatched. I believe and try to model the "generosity model" where I can help others. P.S. Still trying to get through your filter to reply to YOUR posts!

  3. Nothin' crazy about following your heart -- it leads to the most glorious places, doesn't it? :) So thrilled to see your work in print. You inspire so many so often. I wouldn't be surprised if someone wrote about YOU as an earth angels in that lovely anthology

    1. Love you for who you show up in the world, Ms. Joy. xox

  4. I appreciate people who recognize that other authors are allies -- not competitors! (After all, what reader do YOU know with only one book?) I love to see you lifting others as you share the word about your own book. Brava, girlfriend!

    1. First, thanks for not driving over yesterday to kick my site's butt for eating your comments hahaha! Appreciating your perseverance to share these kind words, Andrea. I honestly believe that YOUR success is MY success. Happy Friday the 13th!

  5. Bravo! It's heartwarming to see three beautiful women - Lore, Peggy and Debra - come together to share the message of love. Many blessings...


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