Friday, May 6, 2016

What are you celebrating this New Moon?

Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Action

Did you know that the New Moon is often called the dead moon?
Why? Because she looks like a black chalkboard--and none of her light punctures the night sky like the Full Moon snuggling with the stars. To many she looks like she is missing in action or deceased.

This can be a sacred, gentle time for you to connect with Mother Nature and go within--spinning your gold through prayer, meditation, and ritual to write what you're now seeking to manifest next month.
For she, our New Moon, will indeed brightly shine again!

What are your dreams, goals, visions, wishes, prayers, and intentions?
To answer, rewind to review your New Year's resolutions for what you wished to manifest.

You started your New Year's wishing just 126 days, 3,024 hours, and 181,440 minutes ago.

Think about your accomplishments --big and small--and write a 2016 Success Inventory.
Start in January, mindfully walking through each month to now.
(Please take a moment to share your successes in the comments below. I'd enjoy celebrating YOU.)

On this New Moon of May, the month of flowers, I gratefully celebrate a bouquet of many new successes. They are not the results of my own power or will power--they are truly co-creations with the Divine, Divine Downloads, and dear friends from Barbados to California to Canada to Ohio to Massachusetts to Florida to Scotland.

Thank-you in advance for celebrating my Success Inventory below--for I believe my success is your success, and vice versa because: We Are All One.
Again, I hope you will write your own Success Inventory and share highlights in the blog comments.

My first published words in a book!
My 2016 Mantra/Business Goals:
Passionate, Prospering Partnerships in Sacred Service & Success Inventory:

* Fulfilled a two decades-old yearning to be published. While not my solo books, I didn't ask for that. Instead, I sought partnerships and Source delivered. I was invited to contribute to four anthologies, and saying yes insured for the first time that my words would be published in books.

* First book! My story was accepted in the writing competition of the Spiritual Writers Network and no joke--it was published on April 1: Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems. My story was "Divine Appointments for an Angel's Birth"--and how my mom was loved into being.

* New! The beautiful headers for my two Facebook pages of Women as Visionaries and the fan page, the Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine thanks to Troy Holder;

* Book #2 Deadline happily met for three story submissions to 365 Moments of Grace, published by Jody Chapman and Dan Teck, arriving on June 21 for the Summer Solstice. Why not join us for our online book launch party? ;

* Book #3 Deadline joyfully met for a story submission to Inspiration for a Woman's Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace arriving on August 16, the final anthology of publisher, Linda Joy;

* New! My Lore Raymond website designed, developed, and launched thanks to the talented skills of renaissance woman and dear friend, Joy Siren and colleague, social media expert/graphic designer, Troy Holder and;

* Putting on my big girl, social media panties of a blogger, pin up girl on Pinterest, and podcaster-in-training.

Happy New Moon! Now make a wish.

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