Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Let me remember to be grateful because ...

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Let Me Remember …

To be GRATEFUL because life is an invaluable gift. I am grateful for:

·    Divine protection from the Non-Physical Protection Team of Ascended ones, angels, saints, and ancestors; Mom and I waking up COVID-19-free for 269 consecutive days!

·   The privilege of writing this blog to celebrate Thanksgiving Day since 260,000 Americans will never again sit around a Thanksgiving table with loved ones.

·    Men and women whose deaths remind me of life’s preciousness: John Lewis, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and Daniel Prude. May you rest in peace and power. (There are more.)

·    67 successful turns-around-the-sun benchmarked in October as an American woman who didn’t always appreciate my white privilege with free will and freedoms until now.

To be GRATEFUL because I am a living instrument of the divine. I am grateful for:

·   Being our home’s coronavirus safety and news director as the vigilant protector of a most precious one, my mom.

·   Leading the celebration for her 88th turn-around-the-sun with "Clare Fest", a 13-day socially distanced party in May.

·   Being a messenger of what I felt was the truth about the attack on our nation’s democracy by writing blogs and inspiring posts (most of the time).

·   Becoming the project manager to restore our home to Divine Order after the flooding from tropical storm Eta on 11-11-20.

·   Reaching out to friends with a “Praying Together Matters” Facebook challenge along with letters for “Merry Christmas in July” and “Happy Full Moon & Halloween.”

To be GRATEFUL for every experience that has brought me to this day. I am grateful for:

·    A global pandemic that taught me to love the unloveable and to thank the unthankable. (Still a work in progress.)

·  The contrast of extreme dark and light behaviors in national and local communities that mirrored my shadows revealing the changes I needed to make.

·  The “Friends” who unfriended, blocked, or snoozed me on social media for my political views (or whatever reasons) and the courage to unfriend people whose values no longer align with mine.

To be GRATEFUL for everything I have ever received. I am grateful for:

·    Being inspired and comforted by information through 100 of 111 daily briefings with my adopted governor, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (D-New York), Professor Heather Cox Richardson’s “Daily Letters to America”, Dan Rather’s reflections, and Laura Lentz’s heart-tugging stories.

·  Relearning American geography and the names of governors and other legislators.

·   H.U.G.S. - Happy Unexpected God Surprises: Blue Sisters & Brothers who are new friends and my “family by choice” as we worked to elect Biden-Harris, and hopefully two new, Democratic Senators in Georgia.

·   The joyful news on November 7, 2020, that Joseph R. Biden would be our 46th POTUS joined by Senator Kamala Devi Harris (D-CA) as the first female vice president! The world celebrating as if it were the end of WWII or the fall of the Berlin Wall that the past four years were over.

·    Daily Divine Downloads of ideas to share in my first solo book, The Divine Dialogue Writing System: How to Exercise Intuition Using Ancient Rituals for Your Greater Confidence, Clarity, and Connection.

I am GRATEFUL to Iyanla Vanzant for this template (see italics) from her One Day My Soul Just Opened Up, I am.



  1. What a thoughtful and inspiring blog post! Love how you took the time to delineate all that you're grateful for -- how many of us ever take the time to do that? Thanks for the reminder, and I'm especially grateful to have read this today!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring Thanksgiving message. It provides a great template for reflecting and magnifying the magnificence of your life. Thank you for the references to other inspiring writers and speakers. I just heard that Gov. Cuomo will be getting an Emmy for his COVID reports. (not confirmed)

    1. Mnay thanks for your kind words. Yes, and Cuomo was already honored for his leadership with the Founder's Award of the Internatioonal Emmmy's.

  3. I loved each and every word. I am grateful that you and your work are in my life!

    1. Thanks so much, my Blue Sistah. One day we will meet and celebrate being NEW YORK STRONG!

  4. Dear Lore, I am grateful for you. I am grateful for sisterhood. More this year, than any other. As it has made such a striking difference. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving.


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