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6 Steps to Become an Ordinary Postal Hero

Spinning Your Gold: Words That Open Hearts and Inspire Actions

The postal carrier’s bag is always heavy because it carries life itself: It carries all the sorrows and all the joys, all the worries and all the hopes! 
Mehmet Murat ildan, Turkish author and playwright 

Ensconced in the U.S. Constitution, the credible threat is real to this institution established in 1639. You’ve seen photos of mailboxes and mail trucks carted away; many mailboxes remain though several are locked up.

Feeling like a pinch now, millions already know the subtle impacts of delayed deliveries or letters and parcels still MIA (missing in action).

Left unchecked, this partisan move meant to harm the Postal Service's vitality and viability will forever cripple the welfare of all American citizens. Millions of once happy faces that you and I will never meet in person need the USPS.

We are all, at some time, dependent on the timely, consistent mail delivery for overseas and stateside voting not to mention the distribution of checks, medicines, food, and supplies. 

Many seniors or COVID-19 quarantined people don’t have computers or friends to deliver these essential items.

Saving the United States Postal System is not just a nostalgic act. 

It’s much more: It’s a heroic, life-saving action we must now take together!

It’s payback time. It's time to support our everyday, ordinary heroes who "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Take these six simple steps to become an ordinary postal hero:

1. Say 'thank you' to your postal carrier. Let them know with a note or a face-to-face meeting that you’re concerned for their welfare and livelihood. Let them know how much you appreciate their service and what you’re doing to support them. Feeling generous? Leave a gift card in the thank you note. (Expect tears. My postal carrier cried when I did this weeks ago, and then wrote me a thank you note!)

2. Buy stamps. Some of our nation’s birthing pains came with the 1774 revolt against the Stamp Act from our then-Mother County, the United Kingdom. Seems when it came to taxing the colonist’s daily ritual and luxury of sipping tea, that was too much. We know how the Boston Tea Party ended.

It seems ironic that we’d now buy stamps to help restore (and ensure) the freedom of sending and receiving mail. Did you know that much of the funding for the USPS comes from the purchase of these emblems of communication?

If you can’t order stamps online, you can ask your postal carrier to do this. Don’t use snail mail? Consider changing. Send letters and postcards to your representatives or clients, friends, and family. Buy online here.  

3. Become an armchair activist if you aren’t already. There’s a grassroots group that’s working to save the USPS. They share information about direct actions like signing petitions. You can find more information about their efforts and how to get involved. Get information at Save The Post Office. 

4. Call your members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 and put their numbers in your phone.
Demand they take these urgent steps to protect the USPS:
* Fully fund it; right now, it’s subject to partisan whims as a political weapon
* Pass legislation to further to prevent further (and future) sabotage
* Demand Postmaster Louis DeJoy to reverse the damage he’s already done.
* Investigate DeJoy’s conflict of interests; direct action is needed now! 
-Source: Robert Reich

5.Vote Early. If you do plan to vote by mail, voting early can help ensure that the USPS is not overwhelmed at the last minute. The website provides a clear summary of early-voting rules by state.

God bless and keep you all safe. Thank you for your service!

6. Pray. This can get you started:
“Quietly now, with a pure perception of wholeness, I pray for our United States Postal Service.

May the men and women of this institution feel valued and on purpose with their work, and may they have a sense of joy in fulfilling their calling. 

May each parcel of mail be delivered timely and with an air of great blessing, and may the awesome responsibility of this wonderful, connecting service be honored and upheld.

May individuals the world over feel connected one to each other.

And may I thrill with the notion that my bits of correspondence are finding their way into the hands of people who matter to me.

Thank you, God, forever.


– Rev. Scott,

Please, open your heart and take one inspired action today

What will you do 
to save your United States Postal System? 

Let me know in the comments and what you found helpful.


  1. The USPS has been a lifeline to everyone during this crisis, delivering much needed supplies and support. I live on the 3rd floor of a walk-up and my mail persons know I had hip surgery, so they brought up my packages and knocked on my door instead of leaving them under my mailbox which is in the lobby. That's dedication. I've already signed petitions and sent emails to my senators and representatives!

    1. Thanks for sharing yur positive story, Barb. Our postalcarriers shave also done many kind things for us over the years.


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