Thursday, May 21, 2020

Four Words of Advice for Coping with CV19

Photo: Andrew Dees
“What you do not use yourself, 
do not give to others. 
For example advice.” ~Sri Chinmoy

Feeling enraged and gutted after seeing new COVID-19 death and infection numbers, I wanted to respond by offering my brilliant, written advice for dealing with CV19. 


* I started to say how you should be and what you should do.
* I started to become the “know it all” that I dislike reading, hearing, and seeing online.
* I started to “should” on you, which no one enjoys, including me!

After smugly reading the first draft, the Inner Whisperer said,

"Stop. Does this really serve or help anyone?"
"No," I replied to myself.

So, I’ll keep the pontificating essay for my eyes only.

Instead, here's what my heart now yearns for during Week 12 of self-quarantine--it’s the gentle, self-care reminder that guarantees PEACE from everything--four words of advice for CV19:


Taking this advice, my mask, journal, and I will visit a favorite Florida beach at sunrise on Friday morning; it’s the first time since early March.

Then maybe I’ll...

Sit in the sugar sand and get grounded.
Write a sweet gratitude list for another disease-free and DIS-ease free day.

* Shift my negative energy to a positive vibration.
Toss seashells, symbols of prayer, into the Gulf of Mexico.

A favorite beach, Pass-A-Grille Beach, FL, never disappoints.
(It’s south of St. Petersburg Beach.) Photo: DeeAnn Feick

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  1. Love this photo and the message. Do something that refills your soul and being grateful is always a good place to start. A good friend of mine told me you can’t be angry or upset if you are being grateful as we can only experience one feeling at a time. I hope everyone has a safe and grateful weekend coming up❣️ light and love to all. #BetterTogether


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