Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Corona Mask Humor to Bring the Sunshine Inside!

On April 3, CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommended that all Americans wear a mask when going out--"voluntarily" of course. Then on April 8, the U.S. Military tells members to make their own masks to fight the coronavirus

The coronavirus is deadly serious if you didn't think so before.

So in the midst of our collective craziness and darkness, let's pause...take time...and smile to bring some sunshine into our lives or we might go insane!

This blog is dedicated to the unseen thousands of volunteers in the Sewing Army now making masks and to the medical heroes and others that we continue making them for!

Choose a favorite meme that made you grin and explain why. Which person could be you? Post the number in Comments.

Who knew how plastic could be used!


Going green with repurposing ideas

Size seems to matter


Whatever mask fits your need, style or personality, 
be safe and stay home. And if you have to go out, 

Mom and I modeling the first masks we made 2 1/2 weeks ago.
Be well, stay well, and stay home!

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