Friday, December 21, 2018

How gratitude warms my heart this Winter Solstice

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"I am the light of God in expression." ~Today's Daily Word (DW)

Today millions (like me) are celebrating the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. To bring more light inside, I am reflecting on 2018 to share some thoughts that we might intersect, finding common ground to continue uplifting one another. 

For you and me:

Munduk Waterfalls, Bali, 2009
"I remind myself every day 
that  I am here on this earth not only 
for the purpose of 
receiving divine blessings 
but also for the purpose of 
sharing my good with others.

I am divinely created 
as a channel 
through which flows 
life, joy,  peace, and love 
to all who come my way." ~DW

The journey to become a channel commenced years ago in Bali at a sunrise lit with thousands of red, ascending dragonflies; the Divine Download came to put on the mantle of "writer." 

Writing sisters gathered for launching Season 13 of the Divine  Dialogue Writing Circle.

Fast forward from Bali and it's been joy-full to:
* co-contribute to eight books in the past two years with another coming January 15;

* host a free private Facebook group, the Writer's VisionQuest for women;

* teach courses and lead Day Trips with the OLLI at Eckerd College program;

* facilitate the monthly Divine Dialogue Writing Circle for 13 years and;

* write my first book!

Celebrating 65 turns-around-the-sun in October.
"I am the light of God in expression, and as such, 
I can be the light that keeps another soul from stumbling in the darkness.
I bring peace to my own life when I serve as a source of harmony for others.
With this in mind, 
I speak words of strength and offer comfort to those in need. 
As a loving friend, 
I share understanding, compassion, and kindness. 
As I give my very best, 
I become the very best." ~DW 

This year, several friends and family members faced life-threatening health challenges. I pray that my "words of strength" were able to "offer comfort to those in need." My go-to suggestion and practice for more strength and comfort are always: Call Silent Unity, the 120-year old prayer ministry! (They've been blessing me and mine for 33 years.)

Unusual this year was moving through the portal of grief ten times too many with friends who left their earth suits--women my age, best friends of mom's, and mothers of dear friends. Mortality and I shared many an intimate chat in my early morning time of prayer, meditation, and writing. (Yes, I naturally rise between 2:30-4:30am.)

My takeaway: Life is short. Why hasn't this truth registered? It does now. Don't assume you're here for even one more minute, hour, day, and much less a week! Get on with living a life you love that serves others.

Heeding my own advice, it's a full throttle time!  Days are intensely satisfying and challenging to remain in "Book's" evolutionary energy...sometimes up to 10 hours. 

Normal no longer exists. Writing a book redefines priorities and reframes boundaries with self and others.

That's why it's important to pause on this reflective day and shout: 

I am grateful to my teachers and cheerleaders, I am! I love and bless you! Thank you!

You've generously and faithfully continued to uplift and inspire me on my "hero's journey" to publish and launch Writing Medicine: The Must-Have Guide for Your Hero's Journey to Inner Healing on March 20, 2019--the Spring Equinox.
Click here for a >> Sneak Peek << and to set up a time to have a chat over a cuppa tea or coffee!

Drawn by Chris Ridell, this meme with the words of Carl Sagan, American author, cosmologist, and astrophysicist, best describes the "why" someone would write a book with the "purpose of sharing (my) good with others."

I agree, Carl Sagan, with all my heart, "A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic."
Wishing you and yours the expansive light, love, and magic of this holy season, 
and the celebration of Christmas.

If you're reading this, I am grateful, I am.


  1. Happy Winter Solstice! Love the quotes you shared, they deeply resonate.

    1. To you as well...Happy Winter Solstice, dear one. Your blogs have always been a source of light for me.

  2. Thank you, thank you, for all that you do and share. Have a blessed Christmas and a joyous New Year.


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