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9 Ways to Sing September's Songs

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September's song is a two-part harmony, 
as summer's lighthearted serenade ends and a deeper melody begins. 
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
The art of celebrating September enjoys ancient roots. Summer ended and farmers gratefully gained extra time in the fields to work by the light of the harvest moon--also known as the Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Singing Moon, and Hazel Moon.

You may also be ending months of writing, creating, planning and hopefully playing and vacationing. It is now a time to assess your crops, gather your friends and family, and celebrate!

Enjoy these nine ways to sing September's songs:

1. Write 300 words on "What I Did and Didn't Do this Summer"
This is a spin on the typical, first back-to-school day assignment from a teacher. Your essay has two parts: writing a Summer Gratitude List and; writing an Always Advance Appreciation List for what can still unfoldTuck your essay into a place where you'll find it in May 2019 to remind you of that summer's goals. Invite your family to do the same.

2. Plan a Summer Gratitude Picnic
With your Summer Gratitude List and perhaps your family's lists, plan a farewell Summer Gratitude Picnic. Serve everyone's favorite summer drinks and finger foods with a simple setup in the backyard or on the living room floor--no chairs or utensils allowed! The focus of shared conversation and celebration: Let each person read their Summer Gratitude List. What songs might you sing together?

3. Clean out summer
Through the fresh, fall eyes of September, declutter your bookshelves and pantry. Tackle closets of summer clothes; this includes indoor and outdoor spaces from summer's shopping trips, sightseeing, and unfinished projects. Gather three bags or boxes and label them to gift, thrift, or toss. Now there's room to bring out your woolies, flannels, sweaters, boots, and socks. You might want to repeat the same gift, thrift, or toss process before putting them away. Consider the Hurricane Harvey relief programs.

September, the harvest month...Summer is over, and autumn has arrived. 
~ Cynthia Wickham

4. Go back to school
It's never too late to have a happy childhood! Now's the time to take an online course or join a Meetup to learn something just for fun. Consider volunteering or teaching something you love! 

5. Gather supplies and share
For whatever back-to-school adventure you choose, treat yourself to a Dollar Store visit. Set a budget of  $18.00 and see how many interesting things you can buy.  You can even find my favorite pen there, though not the bold ink pens--that's the Pilot G-2 10. Not only does it write forever, but it's manufactured in Jacksonville, Florida, my home state.

Keep $9.00 of the supplies for yourself, and then gift the other $9.00 to a teacher, church, or woman's shelter in the areas impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

As a former elementary school teacher in Selma, AL and then 20 years later in Roatan, Honduras, a surprise gift like this would send me over the moon! I recall one summer while visiting the states from Honduras, my friends Annie S. and Ann S. helped me purchase $50-$100 of school supplies. This included basic items and best of all, the FUN STUFF! It was always thrilling to share these gifts with my students who went crazy seeing them unpacked. 

6. Visit places of harvest and share
Schedule Adventure Field trips to a farmer's market, arts & crafts show or museum. Fly solo or invite besties to join you. Take a walk in a park you've never visited. 

Again, in a spirit of generosity and gratitude, take some of the fresh produce to a food pantry. My experience, as both a giver and a recipient, is that fresh produce is always a very welcomed donation.

I'm passing the idea forward because of my parent's big hearts. On weekend trips heading back home from a grandparent's visit, they would always stop at a roadside stand to buy six flats of strawberries. The next stop was the convent at St. Francis de Sales Church and School in Riverside, California. The Dominican sisters happily received the sweet, red treats.
We kept one flat. (Do you think that's why I always got good grades?)

7. Take Yourself to Market
Take inventory of business materials, i.e., stationary, business cards and brochures; consider something new like pens, bookmarks or postcards to send to clients. It's your harvest time to share all that's been created by planting seed thoughts in the spring and weeding and watering them all summer.

8. Celebrate the Full Harvest Moon, September 24
Go outside and walk. Consider walking in silence. Some would call this process a "walking meditation." Soak up the light as you reflect with gratitude on your harvest of many blessings. Talk with Moon. She's sure to answer you back. It is the closest full moon to the autumnal equinox.

9. Host a Fall Equinox Feast, September 22 
Make a list of favorite fall foods and drinks. Might some of your favorites be caramel apples; different popcorn flavors; pumpkin spice latte; anything roasted and slow-cooked or; mac and cheese? Plan your menu.

Enjoy creating a fall tablescape with mums, small veggies, soy candles, and vintage linens. Go outside and bring some back inside with leaves, twigs, and rocks. Be sure to ask Mother Nature--the Pachamama- if it's okay to take these items. Cue up moon songs for a sing-along! Most importantly, write a grace to bless your feast.

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  1. These are such wonderful ways to welcome in the new season with energy and intention! I love them! I just hosted a Labor Day BBQ with a friend and our kids. It was a bit of work, but so worth it (roasted corn - yum!). I was so glad to mark the end of summer/start of fall this way.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Reba. Your Labor Day BBQ sounds like great fun You remind me it's time to cook some BBQ as it's a favorite.

  2. Those are great suggestions. The slightly cooler weather has me helping my Favorite Husband reclaim our backyard -- it tends to get a bit wild in the heat of summer.

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I am so delighting in the WEE bit of cooler weather here in St. Pete. And I am soooo ready for the Florida Oven to be off! Best wishes taming that wild garden.

  3. Love the ideas, Lore. In India we have the Monsoon between Summer and Autumn and right now, I'm enjoying the rains. Perhaps I should transfer some of the ideas to our season!

    1. Happy you liked the ideas, Vatsala. We, too, have monsoon-like rains herre in western FL every afternoon like clockwork.

  4. How wonderful Lore...I see a book in the making - expanded suggestions on season to season. You captured the change from summer to fall perfectly!

  5. Will have to wait on cleaning out the summer clothes ... it's 91 degrees here today! I am thinking about an online course or something like that. When September rolls around, I am always eager to learn something new. I am the eternal student.

    1. Yes, you are the eternal student, Barb. Like you, I am waiting for it to cool off!

  6. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas as we begin September! It surely makes the end of Summer not feel so bad!

    1. YOU are so welcome, April. Yes, I am happy to see Sister Summer leave (and grateful to her, too)! I am ready for the unwrapped gifts that Sister September brings...including cooler temps for Florida.

  7. Love all your ideas here Lore. My problem though is, once I reach the farmers market, I CANNOT get myself to leave! I become like a kid in a candy store :) But Go I must ;)

    1. Hahaha, I'm the same way at Farmer's Markets! One day I'd like to visit one in India with you, Zeenat.


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