Thursday, March 1, 2018

Moonlit Ideas for the Full Sleeping Moon & World Compliments Day


Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments." ~Unknown

Did you know that today is the Full Sleeping Moon and World Compliments Day? The two go hand in hand. At 7:51 pm ET she'll be shining brightly over our world. Like moonlight, your compliments can also bring verbal moonlight to brighten someone's day.

Who might that be? Who needs your kind, compassionate words? A verbal hug?

For fun, consider writing an alphabet list of friends and family. Then set the intention to text or write them a compliment today and watch the magic unfold.

And if you're noticing different energies right now you're not a LUNAtic--you're normal.

Studies about sleep habits and the full moon show:

·        “Sleep is the “third leg” in your health regimen; it has the same importance as nutrition and exercise
·        Even in a completely dark room, your body appears to be affected by the phases of the moon, getting less-quality sleep during the night and lower levels of melatonin
·        Melatonin is important to your sleep hygiene and also your overall health, playing a role in the prevention of certain cancers”
With this information,you might also now consider these moonlit ideas and get ready to explore the magical energy of March! 

You just might:

·       feel extremely guided. The ebb and flow energy of the tides might be calling you to shift—to pull away or to push ahead.
·       want to be more mindful of what’s unfolding around you. Rise like Moon and take a higher perspective to collect the moonbeams of insights to gain greater clarity on foggy issues
·       make more practical decisions with these higher perspectives to move ahead with expanded self-confidence and less self-doubt.
·       ponder Moon’s Virgo energy that rules over the digestive system and the integration of ideas; consider the changes you need to better absorb and digest life!
·       review your New Year’s Vision, Mission and Mantra to see what’s serving you—or not. Be open and full, like this Sleeping Moon, to new ideas to easily move forward and shine your moonlight.
·       consider restarting your writing or journal practice along with meditation to tap into these powerful celestial energies. Remember, it only takes 18 minutes a day to develop a forever habit!
Whatever you choose to do, know that the Universe is conspiring to support your best and Highest Good. 
So is Moon.
And me, too!
P.S. Do you seek to create more magic, balance, and clarity in your life? If yes, please join me for my month-long Master eCourse, Create and Write Your Personal Vision Book in 7 Sacred Steps. Moon is sure to be guiding us as a friendly and helpful co-creator!

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