Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take Yourself on an Artist’s Date for Creative Takeaways

Spinning Your Gold: Words That Open Hearts & Inspire Actions
"Artist's Dates are assigned play." ~ Julia Cameron

For my birthday week celebration, I embraced the assignment to play. I just returned from the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market, henceforth my official location for a weekly Artist's Date! 

According to Julia Cameron, bestselling author of the Artist's Way and creator of the Artist's Date idea, this appointment suggests making time for yourself.  Once a week, she encourages you on your own to do something "enchanting," to play, and have fun. 

Before you roll your eyes, there's significant scientific support for adults playing more and how it impacts your life in healthy, positive ways. 

For me, Gulfport, Florida, is always a magical experience. Why? There's never a concrete plan, agenda, or schedule. I synchronistically connect with like-minded people who offer up ideas, invitations, and opportunities. Today's Artist's Date was no different as I strolled down the enchanting Beach Boulevard and "played" in this order:

*Giving 43 donated items at the Clothing Swap to benefit CASA, Community Action Stops Abuse; it's held in the courtyard of the Historic Peninsula Inn. 
My takeaways: Receiving five new-old clothing items for friends and me, and being inspired to continue playing while decluttering my closet.
Owner and manager Veronica Champion is always ready to greet guests to the Historic Peninsula Inn.
*Scheduling and confirming rooms for my Women's Gulfport Writing Retreat, April 29-May 4, 2018 at the Historic Peninsula Inn.
My takeaway: Being reminded that the Inn is a cornerstone of this charming waterfront community and the perfect retreat site to play while writing and relaxing. Thanks for your support, Veronica Champion!

*Meeting Walt Ulbricht, Walt Ulbricht Marketing, in the booth for OLLI at Eckerd College: Where Curiosity Never Retires. Seems we share many intersections; gratefully he's introducing me to the decision maker who is now scheduling the Winter Program for OLLI. 
My takeaways: Learning more about OLLI; being gifted with two, free guest passes and; exploring the possibility to teach writing at OLLI. Why not, eh?

Loofah & mystery plant
*Experiencing the passionate enthusiasm of Crea Egan, founder, Gulfport Food Forest. She's just returned from vacationing in Croatia and yet showed up being so present and generous.
My takeaways from our encounter and a modest donation: an invite to their monthly vegan potluck;  a small loofah squash; rose hips tea; fresh lemongrass and; some plant so exotic that I can't recall its name! 
(Having a "silver moment" I am afraid.)

*Hugging a new friend, Trey Malicoat of Dr. Dewey's, and quickly swapping Irma stories. I suggested he connect with Crea as her gallery's open house for eco-friendly artists is November 3 and his fabulous products are all eco-friendly.  This could establish a creative collaboration.
My takeaways: An invitation to visit his newly remodeled courtyard as a possible workshop site and; hearing his smiling face say, "I appreciated reading your Facebook posts about gratitude when you got home from evacuating."

*Chatting with Susanne Vernon in the inspiring August Vernon Studios. I've been intrigued by the Bali-looking carved bench on the porch for ages. Imagine, we're writing sisters! 
She showed me two journals which included an artist's sketchbook filled with words and images.
My takeaway: Meeting two more writing sisters. I invited Susanne and her friend/student Christi who popped by, to next month's Divine Dialogue Writing Circle on 11-11 at "The Pen," a.k.a. The Historic Peninsula Inn. 
They said they want to attend. How nice would that be?

*Enjoying memories of eating lobsters while stopping at Maine-iacs Lobsters. Included on the menu were Guy Cote's thoughts on the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.
My takeaways: Meeting another author and buying a delicious lobster roll.

Whew! All this in just three short hours? Thank you all for filling my creative cup to overflowing. See you next week at the Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market.

My takeaway: JOY! Who wants to join me?
Who is now inspired to make time for an  Artist's Date?

P.S. Please know that I do not represent any of these organizations or profit in any way other than the joy of my Artist's Date.

Connect here:
*CASA- Community Action Stops Abuse
*Gulfport Food Forest- (727)560-0608
*Maine-iacs Lobster & Guy Cote, Author


  1. What a celebration you have given yourself and I love your Artists date- you sure packed in a lot of joy into 3 hours. xxx

    1. Indeed, it was such a joy-FULL celebration, Suzie! Do you schedule an Artist's Date? It was synchronistic to see that today both our blog posts focused on PLAY.

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  3. I haven't been on an Artist Date in a long time. As a long-time fan and student of Julia Cameron, I should know better. Got one planned now to go to a Fall Festival this weekend.

    1. Don't feel bad Barb. I hadn't been on one in awhile either as my two besties that usually join me were unavailable. (I kinda break the rules by not doing the date all alone. lol) Now that I've rediscovered the market, that's where I'll be FOR SURE every Tuesday unless another adventure calls to me. Sounds like the Fall Festival is a perfect re-launch for you! Enjoy playing.

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  5. I love the idea of taking an artist's date and reading about all your playful, nurturing and joyful experiences Lori! You are so inspiring how you live your values and prioritize your relationship with yourself. Thank you so much! I will invite the spirit of the artist date into my activities on my most recent adventure to Kona, Hawaii! Aloha!

    1. Aloha! How fun that you can be in Kona for your Artist's Dates, Kelley! I like your idea of "inviting the spirit of the artist date into my activities..." A gentle reminder for me. xo

  6. Inspiring blog post, Lore. Thank you for mentioning me, my lobster rolls and our conversation about publishing. I look forward to seeing you again. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, Guy, for commenting! And you're welcome for the mention. We small businesses can always use some sharing of the good news. To be continued...I hear a lobster roll and lobster bisque soup calling my name...


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