Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Teachers Open Hearts and Inspire Action!

Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Action

Today is National Teacher's Day.
As a visionary woman, you know that where you are now is partly due to the teachers in your life. Many women and men served as educational guides, opening doors to inspire and encourage you--all of your formal and informal teachers. Why not celebrate them all?Recently, my mom asked me who was my favorite teacher; this was prompted while reading a story I was submitting for publication about teachers.
My reply: I loved them all! She was surprised that I could name almost all of my elementary school teachers-- the Catholic, Dominican Sisters at St. Francis de Sales School in Riverside, California.

How many of your teachers can you name?

Imagine: There was only one Sister assigned to teach a class of 60 students--six rows of 10, little uniformed spirits. As a former teacher in Selma, AL and later in Roatan Honduras, I better understand and honor the courage and patience of these extraordinary women. 
Teaching was their sacred service.
Rewinding in reflection, it's a miracle that I learned what I learned.

My core learning experiences came in the time that some American historians refer to as Camelot. It was a time when the glossy 8" x 10" photos of President John F. Kennedy and Pope John Paul XXIII hung on our classroom wall--only to be sadly replaced later with the photos of President Lyndon B. Johnson and Pope Pius VI.

Back then, school shootings were not frequent headline news.
Back then, male school police officers were not needed or slamming children to the floor.
Back then, teachers could teach,
Back then, students could learn.

Back then, schools were learning sanctuaries, 
not behavorial jails.

What teacher(s) might you thank aloud or silently today? 

P.S. Perhaps your parents might welcome a thank-you note for providing you with an education.

P.P.S. Thank-you for commenting and sharing--always good karma!
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I am grateful for these elementary teachers:
Ms. Patterson, 2nd grade
Sister Mary Martha,3rd
Sister Mary Consuela,4th
Sister Mary Richard, 5th & 6th
Sister Mary Theodore, 7th

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