Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Celebrate Christmas in July

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Merry Christmas in July!

In many parts of the planet, sweltering temps challenge us to stay cool. (My “Florida Oven” in blasting until October arrives!)

Like me, over the past four months, perhaps you’ve been challenged to keep “cool” with COVID-19 and the tsunami of partisan actions and non-actions. Maybe you’ve felt the cool darkness of stepping into the shadow of sadness caused by today’s current events and personal feelings.

As my only grandchild, Blake (5) wisely said, “Too much!” 

He inspired a solution:
Christmas with Blake, 2017.
Turn up the exterior lights while stepping back into the inner Light to remember Christmas—A Holy Season of Light, Love, and Peace.

Why wait for December 25? Why not celebrate Christmas in July, a celebration started in 1933 at a girls’ camp in North Carolina?

Ideas to think and stay cool might include:

1. Calling loved ones and wishing them a very Merry Christmas in July!

2. Decluttering closets and donating summer clothing and toiletries to a homeless or women’s shelter (socks and underwear are always in high demand).

2. Lighting candles followed by praying for our country, leaders, medical and frontline heroes plus anyone quarantined or hospitalized in the USA and around the globe.

4. Decorating or setting up a tree and lights outside.

5. Writing a Gratitude List for the first six months of 2020.

6. Cooking a summer Christmas feast, e.g., fish vs. turkey, s’ mores or Key lime pie vs. pumpkin pie or a watermelon vs. cranberry salad. (You get the idea.)

7. Watching the 1940 movie, “Christmas in July,” starring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew.

8. Making plans to attend the “2021 Christmas in July Festival” in West Jefferson, NC, or at one of these other top ten places:

Whatever you do, find your “Christmas in July” ways to turn up and step back into the Light, Love, and Peace that the season of Christmas is sure to remind.


  1. I think your grandson is a wise soul, Lore, and I predict he's going to grow up into a fine young man who will make a difference. Gratitude and reconnecting with friends has been a top set of activities for me. Life is too short.

    1. Thanks you, Vatsala, for your kind words. Yes, he is a wise and old soul ... and an empath. Happy you're reconnecting ... one of the gifts COVID has reminded us to do and theimportance of this simple action. Stay safe, be well, my friend.

  2. Great tips for creating a Christmas in July, Lore! Many will benefit from having a healthy distraction in times like these.

    1. Many thanks, Lisa! Yes, we all need a distracton from "real life" at times.

  3. In many ways I've felt it is Christmas in July this year. I have always loved the month of July for some reason. This year a little different, and even better. Yesterday while reflecting, I wrote a gratitude list in my mind for this year of 2020. I am thankful for many things. And one thing that has made itself more strongly known than ever before, is to reach out with love. Wishing everyone light, love and peace.

    1. How synchronistic that you wrote a gratitude list before reading the blog!


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