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How Will You Celebrate National Love a Tree Day?

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"Earth provides enough for every man's need, but not for every man's greed." ~Mahatma Gandhi

Did you know that Wednesday, May 16 is National Love a Tree Day? You’ve probably seen or even bought a bumper sticker that reads “Hug a tree.”

Seems silly and simple.

Yet there’s scientific proof of the emotional and physical benefits of being a tree hugger. Research shows that it’s the tree’s vibrational properties that heal those closest to them. Trees also talk if we are listening. Matthew Silverstone better explains the details in Blinded by Science

Japan enjoys over 62 "forest therapy" sites; the government takes being with and hugging trees very seriously.

Trees can even talk with one another and share information underground!

Consider the work of Dr. Bernie Krause, creator of Wild Sanctuary, who’s studied the soundscapes of many living organisms including plants and trees. He’s recorded these sounds and shares them in places like the American Museum of Natural History-Smithsonian and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Seems the original "tree huggers" date back to 1730 when hundreds of Hindu men and women were slaughtered while clinging to trees to protest their village's deforestation. A maharaja wanted the land cleared to build his palace. This intense love of trees later became a movement called tree satyagrahait was this passion that causes India's government to better manage their natural resources.

Even in my Florida backyard, 
some tree-loving unfolded. 

Can you imagine the 1920's scene in Dunedin, Florida when several women climbed into the arms of a giant, 150-year old live oak tree? They perched themselves on one large branch to prevent the tree's trip to the sawmill. (The city sought the tree's lumber to support its building boom.) 

Even then, greed sought to trump Mother Gaia, but not this time.

Members of the Dunedin Women's Club thought differently.

It’s no surprise to learn that the women in this charming town, founded by two Scotsmen, would honor their Celtic, ancestral roots and love of the Sacred Oak. 

Brava, ladies! You are Mother Earth's sHeroes!

Happy update: 
The 150+-year-old Florida live oak tree still lives!

Why blog about National Love a Tree Day?

As an author, I use tons of paper. I love the sensory feeling of hearing my pen move across the page. Maybe you do, too. I also now realize as a consumer, I use many paper products--tissues, napkins, paper towels, post its, and toilet paper.

It's time to now rethink my use of paper--a gift or unwilling gift--of the trees.

Perhaps I can find paper and journals made from trees that died naturally and weren’t harvested for the sawmill.

Perhaps I can find ways to use less paper.

Perhaps I can love and hug a tree today, tomorrow, and every day.
And you?
Blessed to feel the energy of this 500-year-old oak tree in Safety Harbor, FL near my home in St. Petersburg. Can you?

Free Paperless Resource Gifts for You. 
(No trees were harmed in their production.)
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  1. Interesting blog,
    I am one of those who believe we aught to treat everything and everyone with compassion.
    Our environment need us to tend and nurture them.
    Trees contribute a lot to our ecosystem as such we need to watch how we exploit them.

    1. I agree, Leila! Mutual respect and reverance for ALL living things seems to be waning in our world--and I am the forever optimystic that believes we can reverse global warming IF we plant more trees NOW and halt senseless deforestation.
      P.S. What types of trees are found where you live in Africa?
      xo Lore

    2. We have different types of tree, Eucalyptus tress, Mahogany trees,Iroko trees,Ebony trees,sapele trees etc
      Cameroon is blessed with immense wildlife! Vast unexploited lands with local indigenes watching over their heritage.

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  3. Love hug a tree day and will hug a tree today, love the spirit and how itf eels when we do hug a tree xxx

    1. Happy to read that you will do this, Suzie. And what kind of tree? Also, what are the predominant kinds of trees where you live in Australia?

  4. Happy National Hug a Tree Day, Lore. I'm very much against deforestation and messing around with the habitat of our fellow animals of the forest. We've had a serious drive in New Delhi in recent years of planting saplings to replace old trees and the movement was started at the school level to educate children about it and we also have legislation about felling trees which often requires permission in order to sustain the green lungs of the city.

    1. Happy to hears the planting of trees in New Dehli. We need millions more, right?! One of my favorite experiences while travelin in India was visiting the hotel-lodge (on the former site of the Viceroy's estate) in Simla; my friend and I were high in the lower range of the Himlaya'taking in the majesty and smelling the cedar forest where the viceroy rode his horse it was said. I can still smell the trees if I close my eyes..

  5. My Goodness, has it been a year already?! I remember writing a blog about this last year. All types of trees are lovely and important. I have always been drawn to the willow.

    1. Yes, the years continue to whoosh!by. Thanks for sharing your blog...I recall we were Synchroniity Sisters around this topic, Heather.

  6. I love this. In my Japanese teachings, we call this "Shin rin yoku" or forest bathing. Thank you so much for sharing this

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  8. Such beautiful thoughts. thank you for sharing!

  9. Love trees. Love Hugging trees. The trees in my garden are what made me buy the house I live in.

  10. Also, are you familiar with the Jewish holiday Tu B'Shvat? It is a tree holiday and there is massive tree planting by adults and children during that holiday.

    1. I am not familiar, Racchel That's for sharing.


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