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11 Ways to Say THANK YOU to Your Network

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Gratitude is a practice. Make it a priority.

Words matter more than ever. There are too many vitriolic words being shared on the airwaves. So in this official season of appreciation, why not expand the words (and actions) of love that say "thank you?"

How important is it to thank your social media network? Your blog family? Facebook friends and Twitter followers? You know the answer: VERY IMPORTANT!  People love to be appreciated. Your gratitude gesture is an act of civility that blesses both you the sender, and the receiver. 

It also makes good business sense; it's a core principle for any heart-centered enterprise that guarantees to keep your business thriving and your messages rippling!

Yes, saying a quick thank you in an email or post is a good thing, but it is often deleted as quickly as it was made.

Happy news! There are many ways to say thank you and here are 11 of my favorites ways. 
Thank you in advance for commenting, sharing and/or Tweeting. YOU are appreciated! 

Sharing as Thank You's
#1 Comments – Take time to post a sentence or two to thank your readers and colleagues in your comments; make them authentic and specific on their blog or post. Consider using phrases that start with "You are appreciated for your.." vs. "I appreciated the..."

# 2 Share your reader's and colleague's posts on social networks. Tag them so they know what you're up to. "Sharing is caring" is a phrase you'll often see and some websites are designed for this screen to pop up after their blog is shared. Consider places where that would benefit your readers (and you) from sharing more than one time! Use others' content-rich posts to complete your scheduled posts on Facebook or elsewhere. Be sure the posts compliment and reinforce your brand.

#3 Mention your readers and colleagues on your future posts. Who doesn't love to see their name in print? Better yet, link their name to their business page, book, or current project.

Connections as Thank You's
#4 A quality introduction is priceless and worth its weight in gold. When you hear someone seeking something, scroll through your "mental Rolodex" for someone who could assist them. Be sure to ask that they close the loop and give you feedback if they connect. Likewise, if you receive an introduction, be sure to thank the introducer and fill them in with what happened--or didn't happen.
If YOU seek an introduction to someone, please share WHO that is and for WHAT in the comments below. 
(Pssst...I'm looking for places to hold 2019 spring book events in CA, WA, and OR.)

#5 An authentic referral is similar but more serious as you've used this service and are putting your name and reputation on the line with someone in your network. Again, ask for honest feedback if the referral pans out for future work or collaboration.
If YOU need a referral for a service, please share that in the comment below and how to best get hold of you. 
(Pssst...I'm looking for a referral to a copy editor AND a launch designer/coordinator!)

#6 Recommend on your website with a resource page. This can change monthly or quarterly with a name, description, how you know this person, and link. Information is a powerful giver of information by connecting others.
If YOU have a resource page, please share that website page in the comments below.

#7 Review on Amazon or Goodreads also takes time. It's a thank you that every author appreciates. You are putting gold into the "Bank of Karma" for when your book is published. Remember, your review could help connect a reader to the perfect book that inspires or blesses them in a way you may never hear about...and that's okay.
If YOU seek a book review, please share your book's link in the comments below.

Touchy, Feely, Tangible Thank You's
#8 Postcards and handwritten notes always thrill when received. Why? Because they take time, they’re as rare as hen’s teeth these days, so getting something in the mail is unusually unique. Make it easy and have a stack of postcards or notes with stamps ready to pop into the mail.

#9 Giveaways – Have giveaways for your readers on a monthly or seasonal time period. You could give away a product, a PayPal gift card, an eBook, etc. 
If YOU have a current giveaway, please share in the comments.

#10 Actual Gift  Have actual gifts that are also ready to pop into the mail--your book, or something with your brand like a  mug, paperweight, etc. 
If YOU have a source for creating actual gifts or promo items, please share in the comments.

Truly free gifts are always appreciated!
Free Gifts as a Thank You

#11 Free eBooks, templates, lists, bookmarks- to download and print with no email required that ends up on your list. Consider only gathering an email for people who subscribe to your blog.
If YOU have a free gift that doesn't require an email and can be downloaded, please share in the comments.

Here's my free, no email needed gift:
 5 Journal Adventures to Recharge Yor Creativity: Writer's Block Take a Vacay!


  1. What a great list of ways to express gratitude and expand our gratitude practice Lore! Thank you so much for the ideas and for your commitment to spreading love and gratitude in the world. I am grateful for you!

    1. YOU are appreciated for your alway kind words, Kelley.

  2. What a fabulous list of tips. Gratitude is important and something I practice in my daily life as part of the Jikiden Reiki training. In Japanese it is "kansha shite" aka to be grateful.

    You added lots of wonderful tips that I will return to implement. Thank you

    1. Thank YOU, Laura. Enjoyed learning a new word for grateful. I lived in Japan from ages 3-6.

  3. This is an awesome list, Lore! I admit I feel special when I get an unexpected review on my Kindle books or someone from my network posts a recommendation on LinkedIn for some help I might have given without expecting anything in return. A small token on appreciation can brighten even the darkest day.

    1. Yes, unexpected thank you gits always delight, Vatsula. Thaank YOU for sharing

  4. Thank yoy Lore for this fantastic list. It is such a blessing when people appreciate you or your work and better still when you appreciate others. I am looking forward to doing so this end of year.

    1. YOU are always so affirming, Leila. Thank you for your comments and insights every week.

  5. I don't think we say thank you enough, especially on social media. "Thanks" for the list!

    1. You're so welcome, Barb! I agree, I need, we all need, to say THANK YOU more often.

  6. Excellent post Lore - these are all great ways of saying thank you. I engage in most of them and truly appreciate it when people reciprocate. It's a win win for all because kindness and gratitude WINS!

    1. Yes, reciprocation is also a thank you gift, Deb. I agree. Thanks for your kind words!

  7. What a wonderful list, as the holidays are coming I can sure use some ideas for my tribe.

  8. I feel it's always important to say thank you in one way or another. I appreciate your list of ideas.


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