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My 90-Day Bliss Journey to 65 Turns-Around-the-Sun

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"We are born not just to pay bills and die. There's more to life than that." -Unknown
In three short months, I celebrate 65 turns-around-the-sun. Today I seek to write and keep intentions for the next 90 days. These intentions are sure to generate goals for this life benchmark; hopefully, goals that are more than just to "pay bills."

Through this blog, I will share lessons learned from the people, places, and things on this birthday path. At the same, I'm looking for recommendations from sister sojourners doing the same thing, or from wise crones who've already reached this benchmark of successfully celebrating 65 turns-around-the-sun. 

I seek interaction and connection as I don't want to do this alone. 
Why would I? 
You're welcome to join me!

Keeping the birthday itinerary simple, BODY BLISS is the first journey starting today, July 14 through August 13.

Then, it's traveling to MIND BLISS from August 14 to September 13, my Scottish gram's birthday.

Finally, it's off to SPIRIT BLISS from September 14 to October 14--my birthday.

Each journey contains three dimensions: 
What I seek to think, to feel, and to do.

What to think
Keeping in mind "life happens when you're planning," I begin with these intentions through these general affirmations to raise my body vibration:

I am healed, I am.
I am healthy, I am.
I am whole, I am.
I am holy, I am.
I am happy, I am.

What to feel by choosing thoughts that are only:
Happy. Energized. Focused. Creative. Optimistic. Possible.

What to do
* Remain open to H.U.G.S. > Happy Unexpected God Surprises of insights, information, and invitations.
* Revisit childhood activities that brought me great joy like horseback riding, camping, and dancing!
* Continue my daily writing practice and writing my book that heals me. 
* Change eating and cooking habits with less sugar and carbs, and more veggies.
* Start a 7-Day Cleanse that's offered by friend and writing sister, Rachel Kieffer; she's also a holistic health coach.
* Stop waiting to do anything so that extra weight finds no space on my body.
* Continue a skin-loving practice every morning and evening.

* Enjoy a different kind of massage and reflexology treatment every month; learn more about acupressure.
* Treating myself to a monthly facial and learning how to give myself facials
* Experience weekly acupuncture treatments to fortify my body's charka system (Gratefully there's a clinic that takes love offerings for treatments.)

* Practice walking meditation with friends and loved ones 1x a week and building to 3x.
* Learn more about essential oils and buy a diffuser.
* Celebrate my BODY BLISS successes every day here on my blog and through my Gratitude Lists.

The plan is perfectly imperfect. 
I affirm all of this easily and happily coming true--this or something better as Source knows best. I now surrender to that Divine Plan to move me towards a healthier body temple to celebrate my 65 turns-around-the-sun!

P.S. Your special invitation awaits you to join me and other sister writers in my free, private Facebook group, the Writer's VisionQuest for only women. Our intention is sharing and giving resources to "transform your words into somewhere brilliant."

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  1. Cheers for you, Lore, from someone who has been there and done that. I'm completing my 76th turn around the sun the day before you. My body wellness tip to you comes from my Brain Gym exercises that I do in bed every morning before I pray or focus on anything other than appreciating my body chemistry. 1st: Place one hand on your tailbone and the other on the space above your upper lip. Tap lightly above as you hold below for a count of 30 then switch hands and continue for another count of 30. This completes an energy circuit in your body. Next put the fingers of your right hand on your lower lip and your left hand horizontally across your navel. Palpitate your lip while you hold below for a count of 30 then reverse hands and continue for another 30 count. The third circuit you will connect links your indentations where your thumb and pointer finger fall when you position your hand on your heart to say the Pledge. the other hand is placed vertically between the waist and the pubic bone. Again, you will massage with the fingertips above as you hold lightly below. This completes your third inner energy circuit which will cause a soothing muscle contraction to confirm its connection. Again hold for a count of 30, switch hands and repeat for 30.
    Your body will feel refreshed and responsive and ready to rise into the new day.

    1. Thank you, Charlotte, for this unwrapped gift! I will work this in.


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