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5 Ways Whales Inspire and Inform Deep Creativity

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"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye."
~Dorothy Parker
Have you ever seen whales breaching? Stared into their eyes in person or in photos? Who isn’t filled with wonderment seeing them leaping and frolicking like giant ocean puppies? Like the whale, a wild mind and disciplined eye can be yours to create.

My first whale experience came the Summer of 2000 during a VisionQuest in Nova Scotia. After sleeping soundly in my new, L.L. Bean two-man, blue bubble tent, strange sounds gently awakened me. They were not close by. Curiously, I bumbled outside in the pre-sunrise hour to hear the sounds continuing...Oh, my! It was a whale breathing! Later that day, I joined other tourists for a whale watching boat adventure which did not disappoint.

The guide shared that worldwide, Native American peoples worshiped these gentle, intelligent creatures and treated them with great respect. Even Europeans were awe-inspired and considered them symbols of the world because the oceans are their home. Today, whale sightings are considered a good luck sign—and if one is found breached or dead on the shore, it conveys a sad and heavy message.

For your reflection or writing consider…
* Is now the time to dive deeply into your creative projects, writing, business, or perhaps personal relationships?

* What help do you seek to surge ahead and break through the nets of procrastination and overwhelm that hold you under?

* Are you experiencing trouble navigating the small storms or tsunamis of life?

* Do you seek more courage to sing your personal song? What would help?

You have only to look to the whales for answers. 
Symbolic of the free use of creativity, whales serve as global teachers to help your creativity skyrocket! 
 Here are five ways that whales inform and inspire creativity:

Practice self-reflection.
Taking time to retreat and to “unplug to plug in” allows for an essential alone time. By doing this, you hear like whale sonar, your inner whispers, and intuitive voice. In time, you will also hear your “Whale’s Song”, the Divine music. Follow it. Trust the lyrics and the melody. Trust your huge and gentle creative genius.

Embrace confidence.
If you are swimming in polluted, contaminated waters, you can’t create. You must change the environmental waters of people, places, and things. Take one step each day to swim beyond these negative influences. Imagine yourself grabbing onto the whale’s tale as you travel to fresh, crystalline waters; now you can see more clearly to create.

Wake Up & Rise Up!
At times, you may feel like you are Jonah in the Bible story being swallowed up and then spit out. While you are in this seemingly dark, impossible place, the whale serves to teach and transform if you patiently allow. During this time, you must awaken and remember that there is more to what you experience in the outer. Then rise up! “Be in the world, but not of this world.” ~ John 15:19 and John 17:14-16.

Breathe to open consciousness and clarity.
Take a deep breath. Hold it. Travel like the whale beneath the waters of your consciousness into a new awareness. See different perspectives. Feel heightened intuition. When you surface again, you take a new breath as though it were your first. Life looks different. Your creative projects now look different, yet the same.

The whale never stays in the deep forever and comes up for air, often skyrocketing! You can also reclaim your inspiration and skyrocket. Remember to breathe.

Enjoy heart-listening.
When you become still to listen to your heart --the first drum in your life --a sacred, creative rhythm like the “identifying sounds the whale uses to identify their pod in nature.” The whale enjoys strong family ties that are always protected. Through heart-listening, your family, friends, clients, and readers know they can trust your creative projects. Why? They emanate from a place of love.

As you start or continue a creative project this summer, remember to call Whale into your office or studio. Review the five ways that whales inform and inspire your creativity: Practice self-reflection; Embrace confidence; Wake up & Rise Up; Breathe to open consciousness & clarity and; Enjoy heart listening.

What is Whale teaching you? Remember, like the whale, a wild mind and disciplined eye can be yours to create!

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  1. I love this blog Lore and the lessons from the whale! This question really resonated with me, "Do you seek more courage to sing your personal song? What would help?" I am in a time of transition and am spending time quietly reflecting before taking inspired action to sing my personal song. Thank you for this inspiration!

    1. Loooking for to listening to your inspiring new song, Kelley! Why not play some whale music as you are reflecting?

  2. Beautiful Lore! I love animal symbolism and writing tips, this is a great combination. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    1. Aww, you're so kind as I know you also enjoy and write with symbolism, Lisa.

  3. Very inspiring Lore. I love the lessons learnt from the whale.
    Thank you for such inspiring post.

    1. My pleasure, Lelia. Are there whales near your coast of Africa?

  4. Whales are so majestic - and of course, they are such wonderful muses for creativity. Thank you for writing this blog post!

  5. I love your article on whales and how they correlate to life and creativity. When I see whales breaching here in Laguna (we live by the beach) the power and beauty is the power and beauty in us. Heart Listening!

    1. Happpy Heart day I hope to join you in Laguna to take this walk and heart them..

  6. Whale song is one of the most beautiful, and most moving sounds on earth. They make me want to breathe more freely and sing my own song loudly! Beautiful post.

    1. I agree, they are great teachers for breathing, Barb. Never thought of this that way. Thanks.

  7. I love your use of whale as symbol and guide. I have yet to see one, although they regularly travel up and down the California coast where I live. I will have to ask to see them, and it will happen. I love the fact that they are comfortable with the depths as well as surface of things - so much to learn from them. Thank you for this post.

  8. Just beautiful, Lore. Thank you for bringing me closer to these magnificent creatures this morning, and to sharing some of their lessons.

  9. "If you are swimming in polluted, contaminated waters, you can’t create. You must change the environmental waters of people, places, and things" not only can you not create, you can't LIVE
    Thank you for your inspiring post :)


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