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Where there's love, communication continues...

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My muse/office manager, Sasha Kitty was a 13-yo Ossie cat who knew how to express her 
purr-fect princess-ness!
Three years ago today my heart met grief in new ways. 
Here's that story which is part of 365 Days of Grace,  a #1 Amazon bestseller, published by the dynamic duo of Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. 

May you find some grace to comfort you in your time of grief for a pet that's traveled across the Rainbow Bridge.

Divine Dialogue with Sasha Kitty
Mom and I left the vet's office that night drowning in a tsunami of grief. The decision was made to end Sasha Kitty's suffering. While struggling to drive home through torrential tears, I heard: "I left something for you." It was Sasha Kitty. She repeated herself two more times.

The next morning, still grieving and still wondering what the "something" was that she had left for me, my soul craved comforting. I started my spiritual practice of Divine Dialogue Writing. As I had done for years, I invoked the angels, asking: "What do I need to know for my best and highest good now about Sasha Kitty?"

After shuffling the Doreen Virtue Angel cards, I pulled the All Is Well card with this message from Archangel Jeremiel: "Everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to be with hidden blessings you will soon understand." At that moment, Mom walked into my bedroom. She wondered what angel message I'd received. So I showed her, and she reported that she'd received the exact same message that night.

Repeating the same question before drawing another card, I received: Hello from Heaven! from Archangel Azrael sharing a message that my loved ones in Heaven were visiting and to let go of any worries and embrace their blessings. A quiet whisper followed: "Sasha wants to work with you and your guardian angels to help you be peaceful, so watch for other signs from Heaven."

Two weeks later, I pulled the All Is Well card again. "You're too funny, Sasha Kitty,"  I mused. The All Is Well card was just returned to the deck; I've had it on my desk since you left. Now it shows up again! Did you know it's the two-week anniversary of your new cat adventure?"

"I know," I heard her whisper.

"I miss you."
"I know, " she said.
"Hope all is well."
"It is. Chirp." (Her sweet acknowledgment sound.)

So, what was the "something" Sasha Kitty left for me? It was the unwrapped gift of knowing that life continues after death. She's just in another room--for where there's love, communication continues...even with the furry, four-footed ones!

P.S. I still miss you every day, my dear muse and buddy.
Musing is hard work! Time for a brief cat nap and then back to work.

P.P.S. Check out my Amazon Author page for other books with more stories like this.


  1. I love this story Lore and the powerful reminder that all is well. I love Mitch Albom's quote, "Death ends a life not a relationship." It reminds me of how powerful love is even after death. Thank you!

    1. WOW, what a quote! Never heard it before so thanks, Kelley.

  2. Beautiful story and wow those angel cards- truly amazing and in sync- thanks for sharing xo

    1. I knew you'd appreciate the angel cards in this story, Suzie.

  3. Thank you for sharing Lore. Beautiful story and reminder. Thank you😊

  4. Aww, what a beautiful story of your purr-fect muse. Pets occupy such a special place in our hearts. Sending you love.

    1. Thanks, Jil. Pets so occupy our heart spaces...I know Emma does in yours.

  5. Such a beautiful story about your Sasha Kitty. I love how our fur babies leave paw prints all over our hearts. Thank you for sharing your baby with us! xxoo Peggy

  6. "She is just in another room." I love that! I have 3 in another room and I feel their love all the time, especially through the two that are sleeping next to me while I work today!

    1. Yes, they're just in another room. The thought comforts me, too, Barb.

  7. Your message resonates with me as I have lost 2 precious cats in this lifetime. I was so blessed to have them in my life. I'm a true believer in those angel cards and a true believer in Spirit. Messages are come through powerfully when we are open to hearing them and believing. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Thank you for sharing Lore. I love your story. It touches me <3


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