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8 Strategies to Stay Out of Facebook Jail

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"With 2.07 billion monthly Facebook users, you can't ignore the rules of the biggest social media game on the globe." ~Lore Raymond

If you want to play and successfully stay in this social media game, you must learn and follow the Facebook Game Rules--especially rules about spamming and the community standards. If you don't, be prepared to face Facebook Jail or a Timeout. 

If you do business online, you join the 42% of marketers who report that "Facebook is critical or important to their business. "If you do not consistently follow the rules, the consequences can be jolting frightening, and even financially depleting.

Rewind: This was true in my case. As an online entrepreneur, my wake-up call came after Christmas when my Facebook account was blocked for "suspicious activity." Shocked (This was a first!) I quickly resolved my status by sharing a Driver's License photo. Relieved and now back on Facebook, I immediately learned that "You're restricted from joining and posting to groups for one week."  

What?! Why?! My face flushed red. Tummy twinges followed from the feelings of shame and vulnerability. Most of all, I felt angry for not paying attention. Reflecting, numerous red flags were there--I'd just chosen to ignore them in my busy-ness. It was not a fun week to start my business year despite all my high hopes and the new 2018 mantra, Smooth Saling in Sacred Service. (The Universe does have a funny sense of humor.)

Then, just two days after regaining group access another suspension came--this time for two weeks! I knew the drill and appealed the spam opinion to Facebook. No answer. Silence. More crickets. I had to surrender.
Finally, I felt at peace.

From lessons learned, may these 8 strategies for the Game of Facebook ensure that you never get the card, 
“Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go to jail.”

Strategy #1: Stay current with Facebook changes. 
Schedule time to read and study Facebook update posts from *trusted sources. Otherwise, you might be notified to go to your Support page to read, “Why your post was removed: We removed this post because it looks like spam to us. If you did post this and don’t believe it’s spam, you can let us know.

Strategy #2: Pay attention to Facebook notices!
Once you get a spam notice from a post (like me), you are tagged as a spammer. Be hyper-vigilant to avoid more spam notices. (Read Strategy #3 about spam.) If tagged for spamming, you can appeal by explaining why you don't think the post was spam.

The Facebook reply: “You told us that your post wasn’t spam." 
This is followed by: “Thanks for letting us know about this post. We’ll try to check is it goes against our Community Standards and send you a message here in our Support Inbox if we have an update.” Be prepared for cricket sounds from the Facebook Team as the "crackdown" on gaming spammers and small-time offenders like me must be ginormous.

Strategy #3: Know the Facebook Game Rules about spam

Strategy #4: Avoid posting engagement bait.
How many of the five engagement baits are you using? These posts seem like harmless fun. Facebook sees them as attempts to artificially increase authentic engagement to bypass their stricter algorithms. The five types of engagement bait include asking friends to comment, react, tag, share, and/or vote. 

Strategy #5: Post original comments and content with intention
Facebook seeks to engage authentic engagement. Read blog posts about how to repurpose your content material. For example, a large blog post can be broken into bite-size properties to share on the Facebook game board with different titles. The key is not to re-post the exact same content to your pages or groups. Authenticity arrives while working smarter, not harder!

Strategy #6: Timing is everything
Allow minutes, days, or even weeks between posts. A scheduler can help like MeetEdgar, Buffer, Post Planner, CoSchedule, Spout Social, SmarterQue, Postcron, or Hootsuite. Consider creating an editorial calendar for your business. Repetition and too much of anything becomes a red flag! Which is why…

Strategy #7: Less is more
Consider these five stats to guide your intentional posting from Zephoria Digital Marketing in a January 2018 report:

* Post only five to six times a day with space in between your posts.

* Highest traffic occurs mid-week between 1-3 pm; posting at 7 pm instead of an hour later will often result in more clicks.

* On Thursday’s and Friday’s, engagement is18% higher.

* Facebook users are 76% female.

* Age 25 to 34, at 29.7% of users, is the most common age demographic

Strategy #8: Keep professional and personal posts separate.
Your business page highlights information to showcase and sell your services and products. Sharing posts from a business page to a personal page is a no-no. Adopt the less is more posting strategy from your business page instead of overposting. Avoid self-promoting on other business pages as likes or comments and, sending private messages to promote your business to an acquaintance. Overposting and any of these activities could result in…well, you know.

After being away from group engagement for three weeks, I am now gratefully out of Facebook Jail! 
What a joy to read these words: 
You're no longer restricted from joining and posting to groups.

*Trusted Resources to serve you! Meet these women with great integrity for Facebook and marketing matters. I've worked with all of them as one of their clients. Links go to their personal pages where you can access more information. Also ask to be added to my free, private group, the Writer's VisionQuest--a resource place of giving and sharing information to "take your words somewhere brilliant."

P.S After a not-so-happy start to the New Year, these Facebook Jail experiences inspired me to write a new tell-a-vision for me and my business. I chose to spin gold from a seemingly very negative experience.
I share the journey in a new Master eCourse adventure "Create & Write Your Personal Vision Book in 7 Sacred Steps." It combines my two passions of visioning and writing along with a love for the angels, chakras, feng shui, and numerology to serve my clients and students.


  1. I am sorry you were in Facebook jail, though you made "goodness" out of it by sharing Facebook lessons for our benefit! Thank you too for including me on your list of expert marketers - such a wonderful group of women (and I am honored to be among them!).

    1. Yes, lotsa goodness came out of this journey AND writing this blog was healing. You're so welcome and of course, I would include you, Jill.

  2. Oh My Lore! Here is my Yin/Yang response to this informative and great blog post:
    I am sorry you had to go through that frustration! Not Fun!
    I am happy you were Blessed with this funky-wrapped gift-hind sight is 20/20! Not only did you learn a lot of informative information, but that information will fuel you forward on your 'Smooth sailing' mantra-it just gave you turbo-boost! And, your new Master eCourse sounds amazing-The Muse...
    Thank you for sharing this info with those of us in cyber world who will benefit from your experience!

    1. It is ying/yang. appreciating this image, Crystal. This maeme smile, "...Blessed with this funky-wrapped gift-hind sight is 20/20!" You're so welcome.

  3. Thanks for this great information - we have also been paying attention to the FB rules around "baiting" people to create more engagement. As a business owner, it's frustrating but as a user and lover of FB I get it :-) I am so honored to be included on your list of experts here. Sending warm hugs.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Minette. Yes, it's clear to me as business onwer is that play time is INDEED over.This is serious business. And you're so welcome...of course I had to include you.

  4. Good to know, thanks for all that wonderful info.

  5. Wow -- I didn't realize that had happened and I'm glad you're back. Definitely going to share this post with friends. Thank you for making me more aware of the rules.

    1. Yes, do share with friends...and thanks for doing that, Andrea. You're so welcome...yeppers, lotsa new FB rules to the game. lol

  6. Honey - was that you I saw in the corner of that very same jail cell?! Yup, been there, too. Great advice from your hard-won lessons. Thanks, Loe!

    1. Awww,you're too funny, Reba! When were you in your cell and for what? Thanks for your kind wors. Hugs! xoxo

    2. I got nailed for using the same phrase - ironically enough when I wrote "Commented and shared on Twitter" one too many times. Couldn't have a better cell-mate, tho!

  7. Wow Lore, thank you for sharing your insights and you unfortunate FB experience. I have had the spam notice a couple of times , but ever only been in jail for a day or so. You facts from Zephoria Digital Marketing are great and have taken note- assume EST times? I am going to space out my sharing from my facebook page in future, although seeing more and more people posting from Page to profile to group. Maybe you just got unlucky :) 💜💜💜

  8. I spend as little time on Facebook as possible. With the exception of posting my blogs and responding to only close friends and followers, I pretty much stay off. I am way too likely to get my buttons pushed when I'm on there. I prefer talking to folks one at a time the old fashioned way!

  9. Thank you so much, Lore! I am just steps away from FB jail. Let's hope this keeps me from being thrown in. <3

  10. Wow so much information Lore! I am glad you are out of Facebook jail and that you have learned how to prevent another incarceration. Thank you for sharing!

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