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Lore’s 7 Most Empowering Articles from 2017

"I am a part of everything that I have read."
~ Theodore Roosevelt, American author, explorer, soldier, naturalist and
 26th President of the United States 1901-1909

What do Hidden Figures, Wonder Woman, love letters, rituals, and the moon share in common? They’re what you, the reader, found to be most empowering and meaningful in my Spinning Your Gold Blog: Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Actions.

First, thank you for taking the time to read and then comment on the blogs. It can get lonely as a writer so hearing from you is a treasure. I cherish every word. Writing is one of my great love affairs. It's my New Year hope that what you read from me becomes a part of you.

If you’d like to suggest a blog post idea or if you’d like a guest blogger, I would welcome your suggestions and invitation. Just message me on Facebook.

A big thank you hug, Jill Celeste, for this blog post idea. You inspired me by brilliantly summarizing the year with your “Top 6 Marketing Articles from 2017.”

Rewinding, here's what readers found most empowering and meaningful 
in calendar order:

January: 7 Sisterhood Lessons from Hidden Figures, America’s #1 Movie
Critics agree Hidden Figures is 
"An inspiring, family-friendly historical drama."
This blockbuster and one of the best feel-good movies ever, left me wanting to return again and again to see it! Why oh, why had this story been lost and taken so long to be resurrected?  Enthralled, I took notes during the movie. Afterwards, seven powerful lessons emerged from this black sisterhood that inspires hope, inspiration, and collaboration. Here's one lesson from author Margot Lee Shetterly:

1) "Katherine Johnson knew: once you took the first step, anything was possible."
Sisterhood Lesson: Take the first step regardless of being told you can't or shouldn't. If Katherine hadn't taken that first step, America might not have been the first to land on the moon. She was called on in 1962 to manually verify the computer's numbers because John Glenn asked for her personally; he refused to fly unless she verified the calculations. Want to read about all 7 lessons?

February: 5 Ways of Writing to Express Love with Gratitude
Have you ever resolved NEVER to expect expressions of love from an outside source? I released the illusion of rejection many years ago. This intention has since guided me through life –though I do slip up on with expectations on occasion. 

How do you shift energies for regaining equilibrium-- or even increase your vibration to a happier state of mind? Here are five ideas.

May: A Prayer for the Full Flower Moon
Love migrate in you to release any disappointment, distraction, delusion or defeat.

Love unfurl in you to move through new doors of opportunities...

June: Wonder Woman’s Story Reminds Us of 5 Key Choices
It is about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” ~Wonder Woman, Warrior of Peace
Regardless of your political views, the movie’s message with Diana Prince, Wonder Woman's alter ego, is one of power, grace, wisdom, bravery, and love --most timely for a world gone “upside down." 

Here's an excerpt: 2) Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

“If a woman asks you a question, it’s better to tell her the truth because chances are she’s asking you because she already knows the answer.” –Unknown

Did you know that Wonder Woman’s creator is also the inventor of the lie detector? So it comes as no surprise that Marston includes this fictional, truth-telling weapon in her arsenal. Anyone captured by the lasso is compelled to tell the truth. It’s an allegory for women’s innate ability to discern, intuit and tell the truth.

Your Second Choice: What authentic truth might you tell yourself and others? Who might you want to lasso? Find out about all five key choices!

August: 5 Letting Go Rituals for Women inTransition
“It’s never too late in life to edit or revise.” ~Nancy Thayer
By this time much had personally blessed us, along with a deluge of global and national natural and man-made tragedies. The events made you shake your head saying, “When will this ever stop?” Little did anyone know that Mother Nature planned much more havoc and later unleashed Hurricane’s  Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria. 

Helpful suggestions included everything from the Peruvian with Love, with Release Ceremony to the Pencil Drop and the Monkey Trap Jar. Read more here.

October: 7 Gifts from the Threaded Gem Adventure
“If you have one true friend, 
you have more than your share.” ~Thomas Fuller
Rewind four years: Malana Ashlie, my Honduras writing sister and dear friend, wrote The Threaded Gem Adventure: How to Connect the Jewels in Your Life, to celebrate the ONEness of life and friendships. This blog post was dedicated to her as sadly she left her earth suit in the spring. Malana's creative and spiritual book inspired me to complete my Threaded Gem Adventure to celebrate the many friendships in my life.  Join me on this tender, bittersweet adventure.

December: 6 Ideas for Gifting the Miracle of Unwrapped Gifts
What are you gifting this holy season of love and light?
Over the years, family and friends taught me the value of giving and receiving “unwrapped pressies” to yourself and others.  Here's one of the six ideas:

4. Write a love letter. My dear friend, Joy Siren, said, "If I WERE to write a (Christmas) letter it would most likely be all about the party I was writing to (as opposed to being about me). I'd let them know how much I appreciate them and why...and I'd ask about specific things in their life, how they're enjoying their journey, what's been making their toes wiggle lately, that sort of thing."   
Find all six, unwrapped pressie ideas here. They're appropriate for any occasion!

Happy New Year! Let's stay connected. 
Here's how. Enjoy my gift of the 
18-Point Checklist- How to Create Your New Tell-A-Vision: 
A Sure-Fire Magnetizing Vision Statement, Title & Mantra for 2018.


  1. A wonderful round up of articles, Lore! So glad I could inspire you! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Jill And again, thanks for the inspriation. A lot of WORK though...then, I'm not telling you anything new.

  2. So much goodness here! I love how you turn movies into powerful insights. Thanks for the inspiration and happy new year.

    1. Thank YOU, Rachel, for your kind words an shares this past year. I do enjoy weaving lessons from the movies.

  3. I love all these articles Lore and seeing them all in one place! I am especially inspired seeing the quote from Wonder Woman - Warrior of Peace again, "“It is about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.” Thank you so much for sharing from your heart so eloquently, passionately and insightfully! May your New Year be filled with peace and joy!

    1. Backatcha, Kelley! The quote of WOnder Woman's could have been YOURS--you're so aligned with peace. You, too, are saving the world, one heart beat at a time. xoxo

  4. It was a rich year looking at the different posts. It was a privilege to get to read and learn from your writings. Looking forward to more this year. Happy new Year!

    1. Thank you, Leila. It was special to connect with YOU this year and your fresh perspectives. To be continued...

  5. How wondrous to aggregate all your different posts together for us Lore! I love your energy and commitment to your path. I loved the Wonder Woman - Warrior of Peace. Women are so very powerful, and this brought a smile to my face - “If a woman asks you a question, it’s better to tell her the truth because chances are she’s asking you because she already knows the answer.” –Unknown <3

  6. wonderful writing and such a creative way of bringing it all together! Thank you!

  7. I love and enjoyed the way you wrote this blog. It is an inspiration to do so. Happy New Year!


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