Wednesday, July 19, 2017

5 Cool Ways to Recharge Your Creativity!

Is the summer heat melting your creative energy away?
Has the lure of a summer vacation and kids being out of school distracted you from writing?
As an entrepreneur and sister writer, I know the feeling.

After all, it’s tempting to want to take a 3-month summer vacation (like we did as kids), but the reality is, you can’t.
Why? Because what you do RIGHT NOW for your business impacts the second half of the year. So get recharged! There are just 165 more days until December 31.
Perhaps it’s time for you to take a Mental Staycation -- and pack your bags with your cool, creative strengths. There’s no more time for delays or excuses.
To stay cool, enjoy these five ways to recharge your creativity:
Organization and structure are my friends.
Press pause to look around and see what outer clutter is noisily seeking your attention. Grab a basket or box and fill it with 26 items you haven't used in the last six months. Want to really declutter? Extend the timeframe to a year. (This is also fun to do with your family.) Next, take a field trip to a Dollar Store or office supply store and treat yourself to new and fun ways to organize your space. Finally, have you bought a new calendar yet and added special dates, timelines, and goals for the rest of 2017?
Energy attracts energy.
Donna Eden, the author of the best-selling Energy Medicine, suggests a 5-minute energy routine to ground your physical and emotional energies before the day starts. Who can’t take five minutes to do this as we know the Number 5 represents change?
Music soothes the creative soul.
Playing Theta wave music while you’re writing or working will change your brain waves. This is true as there’s scientific proof. If you’re faced with writer’s block or you’re pushing on a resistant deadline, then this will help you. It’s free and instant thanks to YouTube. Anything by Steven Halpern delights!
Unplug to plug in.
Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing. Be prepared that everyone and everything around you might argue when attempting this detached state—that’s ego saying, "You’re not enough if you stop doing!" Pause. Let go. Unplug. Why not try it for just 18 minutes each day and see what unfolds with your creativity?
Rewind to remember.
Sometimes there’s comfort and wisdom to return to former projects where your creativity soared from an insight to an idea to instigation. Take an inner field trip to mentally walk through all that you’ve accomplished this year and in other years. The memories may help new mojo energies to resurface! Do you have an “I Love & Appreciate Me” file? Whether digitally or in a file folder, start keeping notes, kind words, testimonials, or whatever puts a smile on your face and reminds: You are creative! You are worthy! You are unique! You got this!
Consider these five simple ways 
to recharge your creativity—there’s no need to see it melting away this hot summer.
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For five days like dripping ice cream, you’ll get a cool email with one of the five Journal Adventures. They’re short and sweet. Better yet, they’re tasty reads to complete if I say so myself. “You had me at ice cream.”
Ready for a Mental Staycation?

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  1. Great post, Lore! I love Donna Eden so thank you for reminding me about the daily ritual. Here's to a productive summer! :-)

    1. Thanks, Sheila, for your kind words. Yes, I needed the reminder about her powerful energy work, too.

  2. thoughtful piece for those who are still looking for their writing groove. But once the office is "ready" you must be ready and the Donna Eden piece is one I do every morning. I also like to do a short meditation asking for any and all writing muses to tune me in:) Just finished my latest book and it's time to face the ultra-edit time. That's when the prior organization you speak of comes to the front. The "do nothing" advice is right on, and if you have people around who are telling you what you should or shouldn't be doing, rethink their presence in your writing world. Thanks for the good advice.

    1. You're so welcome. Best wishes as you move into your ultra-editing time, Therese! Looking forward to reading the finished masterpiece.

  3. Ah, music, my favorite creativity booster! Thanks for the info!

  4. Wonderful suggestions and ideas to flow into what you need. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

  5. Oh, wonderful things happen when we unplug... My whole family is discovering that as we take family mini media vacations :)

    1. Like the phrase "mini-media vacations", Rachel.

  6. My honey has been on retreat for several weeks and I thought I would be writing my brains out. Instead? I've been focused on structure: decluttering, organization systems, simplifying. And the more I work on those things the more I like the energy around here. I've had several breakthroughs on projects. Organization and structure are my friends. Thanks!

    1. Sounds like what you did was perfect timing..and now with all that unclogged energy, you can "write your brains out!" lol

  7. Thank you for sharing - some great ideas!

  8. Yes unplug to plug in is essential to both tapping into your inner wisdom and your creativity. That's the one that jumped for me xx


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