Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's Your New Spring Mantle?

What new Spring mantle do you seek to unfurl?

In this season of spring, beginnings and second chances are sure to be a buzzin' in your mind. The signs are everywhere.
The butterfly metaphor appears in poetry and memes, blogs and podcasts. 
Sheesh, the Dollar Store displayed Sping stuff right after Valentine's Day!

Perhaps you might even rewind to your elementary school science class. Remember learning that the four stages of the butterfly are egg, larva, pupa and adult?

As a butterfly in process, who do you seek to be after your long winter's nap? 

And what if you're not ready to...
show up
unfurl your wings
emerge and claim a new title despite all the outer urgings to celebrate Spring.
What if you're just not ready?

My reply is..."Stay there. Stay still. Know your peace. It's perfect.You're perfect."

Perhaps you're like me. Still in your Stage Two, the caterpillar-butterfly phase.

Yes, I'm "going caterpillar" 
 I'm still cocooning...spinning my inner gold before I appear as a solo author. 

This means I am devouring the leaf I was born on. I am reading, reflecting, researching, and then responding in words. I am expanding and then molting.
This means I am okay with being in the dark.
This means I am where I am supposed to be.
This means I am faithing it until I make it.

Simultaneously, I'm spinning my gold for ideas of becoming a first-time poetess and podcaster.
I'm not ready to spring forth. Just sayin'.

Eventually, I will evolve to Stage Three: The Chrysalis Butterfly.

What butterfly stage are you in? What's your new Spring mantle?

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  1. This title grabbed me and the post did not disappoint. I love your willingness to be in the stage you are at, not to force, and yet to know that the next stages will surely infold. Beautiful, Lore.

  2. Love this, Lore -- butterflies are one of my spiritual totems! And I really appreciate your question about perhaps not being ready... Congrats on your forthcoming book!

    1. How powerful that butterlies are you totem, Shelia.

  3. The image of the butterfly's circle of life is powerful Lore. I appreciate your willingness to admit and be real about where you are in this circle. I too am not ready. Even though I have tried and pushed and was unsuccessful at forcing my birth as a butterfly with positive affirmations over the years. 'I am a butterfly', 'I have my wings', 'Fly'. Nope, not ready. I am strong enough now to admit it. Thank you for your candidness Lore. Love your blog.

    1. Once again, we are synchronicity sisters, Edna. We are butterflies in process.

  4. I'm definitely unfurling my wings and taking flight right now. Yet know that cocooning is essential for this to be able to happen! Great post. Love that photo, Lore!

  5. Still reading, still researching, but the urge to break out is just about ready to explode! Lovely post.

  6. I love this blog Lore and your use of the butterfly metaphor. I am in stage two as well and adore how you described it. This is a very exciting time and I am deeply grateful for the adventure of unfurling my wings and taking flight! Thank you so much!

  7. I love this! What a great blog!


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