Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What's in a name?

4:44 am As I write millions of women are waking.
Many are rising not to go to work because of what is happening in America.
Peaceful protest.
Powerful resistance.
Positive boldness.

I don't know all your names.
And yet, I do know them.
It's International Women's Day with the theme "Be Bold For Change."

Applause to all the women of the world.
I sing the praises of you, the bold ones, the sometimes bold ones, and the ones still summoning the courage to be bold.

Praise to all the women who have gone before me to give me the life I enjoy.
I stand on their shoulders.

I boldly whisper, pray and chant:
Hello, my name is Lorraine Monique, mother of Nazlie, G-LoLo to Blake, daughter of Clare Ann, granddaughter of Ella and Helen and great granddaughter of Magdalene and Bessie, I AM!

What chant might you boldly speak in celebration of the women in your life?

Share your matriarchal chant in the comments:
I am _________, 
mother of _____, 
grandmother of _____, 
daughter of _____ and _____,
and great granddaughter of _____ and ______,

If you don't know all the names, perhaps it's time you do. Powerstories Theatre and the visionary founder, Fran Taylor Powers, introduced me to this chant.

P.S. Lore, like millions, is an American because of the bold courage of her grandmother, Ella Marie, an immigrant from Scotland. Her great gram sent her 4-year old daughter to the states while dying of malaria. A bold Scot for sure!

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