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How can writing heal you into wholeness?

St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Dedicated to all those on the healing journey through breast cancer.
From my workshop presentation at the IGNITE YOUR LIFE EXPO! September 17, 2016, Tampa, FL

Socrates said, “Know thyself.” I would expand on his ancient wisdom and say, “Know and write to heal thyself.”

Fast forward from Socrates in 399 BC to 1665 for the true Cathedral Story of Sir Christopher Wren retold by Tim Sanders. It's key to the blog's message. (PLEASE WATCH--it's only 1:26)

You’re not just making a living.
You’re not just building a wall of protection from disease or dis-ease.
You’re building a cathedral—a body temple of strength and wholeness.

But how? Consider these three words that when combined become a proven process to restore and heal your body temple into a cathedral. 
The system I developed is DIVINE DIALOGUE WRITING. Let's begin!

Focus your healing by silently answering these questions: 
* How do I define healing? 
* What do I seek to heal in my body and mind?
* What personal name does my healing want to be called?
* What would my life look like if I were healed into wholeness?
* How will I feel while healing and then healed into wholeness?

Would you like to know my definition of healing? 
Harnessing Energies, Always Love-Inspired.

On my "To Heal List" are three intentions: 1) I am expanding strength and flexibility, I AM!;  2) I am free from arthritis, I AM! and; 3) I am developing clarity and peace of mind, I AM! Amen

Attract an emerald green journal. Now write your answers to the questions above. Next, add three intentions to your "To Heal List." Use action verbs at the beginning of each intention. Why emerald green? It's the color associated with Archangel Rafael: God's Master Physician. Then to better understand, just gaze at the palette of Mother Nature who chose green and blue to paint the world!

Backstory: Each particular word was received in meditation evolving over the past eight years—the same amount of time I’ve practiced this sacred writing process every morning before sunrise. Over the years, unique gifts of shamanic rituals, music, meditation, prayers, and visualizations were added like bricks to create a stronger writing foundation. 

These layered gifts came after Vision Quests to India, Peru, and Bali. There I experienced gifted shamans and healers. Putting my passions to the page in these diverse ways healed me and in time, many others.

First, let’s look at the word WRITING.
Writing heals! Many people don't believe this. They see writing as a chore, pain, even a punishment given school memories.

Please consider these four research articles:
·      * Research and many studies began by psychologist Dr. James Penebaker in the 1980s show that writing about life’s stress help us heal from both physical and emotional ailments.

·      * An article from Time Magazine revealed that the healing effect of writing could: cut physical wound healing time in half; reduce viral load in HIV-positive patients; improve mood and reduce levels of stress hormone in PSTD patients and; promote sleep. Less anxiety = fewer stress hormones which can interfere with the chemicals needed for healing.

·      * An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Vol. 281, No.14) with a study of patients with asthma and rheumatoid arthritis, concluded that they improved more and deteriorated less than those who didn’t write.

·      * An article in Annals of Behavioral Medicine by Susan Lutgendorf, Ph.D., suggested that people who relive upsetting events without focusing on meaning report poorer health than those who derive meaning from writing. “You need focused thought as well as emotions,” said Lutgendorf.

These are examples of extreme healing needs changing through writing—imagine what Divine Dialogue Writing can do for your healing!

Astronomical clock, St. Paul's Cathedral
The Divine Dialogue Writing System is a daily practice. It gently grows your writing from a few minutes to 18 minutes. Why 18 minutes? The science behind this is explained in the NY Times bestseller, 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Your Distractions, and Get the Right Things Done.

In your emerald green journal, self-indulge for the sacred time of 18 minutes to write a new story, a new Tell-a-Vision, of how you see your body cathedral—not the old diseased story that you might be telling.

Why write a new story? The answer comes from Gramma E, a wise 90-year young New England grandmother in my life. She said,“People give way too many organ recitals." Are you giving an organ recital of health or disease when someone asks,“How are you?"

Once you write your new Tell-A-Vision, be prepared to feel: 
Your emotions shift. Your vibrations rise. Your cells rejoice! Use this as your 60-second commercial to answer, "How are you?"

Could this be Archangel Gabriel, the muse of writers, poets, and messengers?
Next, consider the word DIALOGUE.
This is a conversation on the page with someone dear to you like a sister, friend, teacher, mentor, or guru. Isn’t it true that two heads are better than one? The perspective of someone else always sheds new light.

Joyance comes from chatting with whoever shows up on your intuitive radar, physical or non-physical beings like the angels, ancestors, or saints. Think about a recent conversation you had with someone dear about a healing matter—how did you feel afterward? Hopefully, you felt emotionally lighter and supported.

After eight years of writing dialogue, I always walk away with greater feelings of comfort and clarity. As you practice writing for 18 minutes+ each day, your ability to dialogue expands. You will feel the powerful, compounding effects of dialogue writing vs. the one-way process of journaling. You will know that you're never alone on this healing journey!

In your emerald green journal, make a list of everyone you'd like to have a written conversation with --physical or non-physical-- to be a part of your healing into wholeness. Keep this for future reference.

Dean's Staircase, 88 Sone Threads, St. Pauls' Cathedral
Finally, let’s look at the word DIVINE.
What better way to begin healing through writing than in a holy place? Yes, choose your sacred, physical writing place and time.
What more supportive healing partner than to invite the Divine and others to join you every day on the page? There are many names for the Divine. 

In your emerald green journal, write down the intimate word you choose to call the Divine. Find a picture and paste it in your journal.

The Divine Dialogue Writing System invites the Sacred to join you to free up buried emotions and thoughts. Then enjoy the unwrapped gifts of more clarity and compassion for yourself. It's guaranteed that writing for just 18 minutes every day will give rise, like cathedral spires, to epiphanies about how you might more easily heal your body and mind.

St. Paul's Cathedral at dusk, London
What healing are you building today with your new tell-a-vision minus any organ recitals?
Is it just a life, a wall, or a cathedral--a new body temple of strength and wholeness?

Raise your hand if it’s a cathedral! 
Can I get an AMEN in the comments? What information did you enjoy?  

P.S. St. Paul's Cathedral took my breath away in 1986; I chose these images to reflect my breathlessness and words.

Interested in learning more about the Divine Dialogue Writing System? Join me on this call Tuesday, October 18 at 8:00 pm EST.
1-218-632-9895, 8888#

Photo: The sacred condor feather of the Incas gifted to me by my shamanic friend, Don Jorge Luis Delgado.

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  1. Lore - this is one of your best blog posts about your Divine Dialogue process. Yes it is. I love your writing prompts, so here goes:

    * How do I define healing? By being at ease. Ease, ease, ease. Being at ease in my mind, body, and soul.
    * What do I seek to heal in my body and mind? Overwhelm. Which is why I'm surrendering inward this season
    * What personal name does my healing want to be called? Joy. Yup. That's what she wants to be called.
    * What would my life look like if I were healed into wholeness? A lot less cluttered in both my inner and outer space. And a lot less doing and a lot more being
    * How will I feel while healing and healed into wholeness? Completely at ease :-) <3

    1. Thanks, Peggy, for the replies. You are appreciated. You are rockin' NH.

  2. Lore - I agree with Peggy. This is one of the best posts I have read about your process. The step-by-step instructions plus the balance between "how" and "why" is speaking to me. It's reasonable to expect that I will manifest an emerald green notebook some time today. Thanks.

    1. Ahhh, thanks, Andrea. Onward with emerald green journals!

  3. I love dialog writing with my guides, angels and masters. I was doing a 6-week program a few years ago where I would writing about anything and everything when it began. I was surprised since I didn't know what was going on. At first I though I was having a conversation with my mind, but I noticed that some information I was writing was wiser than what could've come from my mind. It was until a few months later that I realized what was happening. I don't write conversations everyday but they are still here writing with me every week when I write my blog.

    1. Happy to hear that you've experienced the benefits of dialogue writing, Claudia! It is ahmazing what surfaces.

  4. This is beautiful and I know journaling heals- I have been reading my journal I wrote during my healing journey which quite mind blowing.looking back. I love Love your prompts
    How do I define healing? releasing all negativity and living in a state of positive vibes, moving into love and then peace Love heals I believe that love along with an alkaline lifestyle heals and a good dose of Law of attraction xxoo

    1. A great prescription, Suzie...journaling, LOVE, akaline diet, and LOA!

  5. Writing has healed me when no medicine could. I would not be me without it.

  6. I SO love this post Lore! Your process is uplifting and nurturing to me. I got into journaling a few years back, and that has been my literal savior. Whether its writing in my journal or on the blog or for magazines etc. its all been a process of digging deep and finding my inner voice. Authenticity is key.
    Thank you so much for this.
    xoxo, Z~

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