Thursday, August 11, 2016

11 Reasons Why You Need Rituals for No Regrets Living!

If your regrets dance card is filling, no worries. 
Yes, August is quickly slipping into September, and New Years is just 144 days away. Perhaps you're feeling the pinches of what you haven't done or what you thought you'd do or be where you wanted to be...YET.

How do you put down your regrets dance card? 
How do you free up more creative space in your heart and soul to skip lightly? 
How do you breathe into an already full and busy life?

My prescription: Add more rituals to your life. e you crazy?

Here are 11 reasons why you might want to noodle my prescription of adding and embracing more rituals to ensure NO REGRETS LIVING! 
They include:

1.     Happy Comfort
 “Rituals easily add structured, symbolic comfort to explore more within, safely and peacefully.”– Lore Raymond

2.     Basic Need Met
“…a basic instinct (is met), as real and as raw as our need for food, shelter, and love…” -Donna Henes

3.     More than Meets the Eye
“Adding Ritual is a recognition that we are body-spirits and that "being spiritual" is not simply a matter of having spiritual minds.”

4.     Creates Community
“Traditions, stories, and legacies are passed down from generation to generation through the simplest and most complex of rituals happily uniting a community as small as a couple, a family, or the world of One.” –Lore Raymond

5.     Practices the Presence
 “Through the practice of ritual, we are privileged to experience ourselves as prepared, present, passionate, principled and potent.” -Donna Henes

6.     Stress Busters
“Taking advantage of "times" in my day that are natural rituals, and letting them be open to religious meaning, goes a long way to helping me be a contemplative in the midst of my busy life.” –

7.     Sensory Fun
“Rituals can engage all the senses through prayer, meditation, toning, Tibetan bowl playing, chanting, and writing to ground the day (or event) in mindful love.” –Lore Raymond

8.     Psychic Support 
“We have everything we need to mold our meaningful moments into our own psychic support system.” –Donna Henes

9.     Connects the Dots
 “…by helping to draw a straight line from the past to the present to the future, they might do just as good of a job helping us feel a sense of comfort and control over our lives.” – Hal E. Hershfield Ph.D.

10.  Creative Opportunity
 “Each of us will find creative ways to add rituals to our everyday lives that can allow us to be contemplatives in action.” 

11.  Power Generating
 “Part of the power of ritual derives from the fact that, in addition to relating to something significant, it is significant in itself.” -Serge Kahili King 

Which reasons made sense to you? Let me know in the comments along with any rituals you're now practicing.

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  1. I need to create a ritual for my morning connection with Source. Thank you for this lovely idea, Lore!

  2. Encouraging you to do this, Reba! Then be prepared for even greater miracles to unfold in your life! This is what I teach in my online course of the Divine Dialogue Writing's an expanded morning ritual.

  3. One of my rituals for no regrets is to make sure I hug my girls every day. Another ritual is to have a plan for something I want to be, do or have and work towards it every week. Even a small step in the week I consider it an advancement.

    1. How lovely, Claudia.! I appreciated learning about YOUR rituals.

  4. I agree that rituals are an important way to nurture our relationships with people and to help us feel our place in the world.

    1. Happy to a Ritual Sister, Lea! It took me years to recognize this in myself..
      And I was raised with many Catholic rituals and traditions as a young girl. Now I so appreciate them all.

  5. I love the Morning's Prayer and Meditation ❤️ These are my early Morning's ritual.

    1. This is lovely, Valoczi.What time are you up doing this?

  6. Wow Lore beautiful post! Rituals are so important in keeping a consistency of connection with the divine. Some of my favorite rituals are ones of release. Lately I've let some of my rituals slip by the wayside and I notice the change when they do.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding, Deb. I, too, forget about rituals helping me...and that's why I wrote this so I COULD REMEMBER to use them! lol xoxoxo

  7. Lore, great compilation, and you quote Mama Donna, one of my favorite people. Thank you. I am a big fan of ritual, and my life has been a transformation of rituals from the negative to the positive over the last few decades. Everything from the contents of my bookshelves (from biographies of addicts who flamed out and died young that have been replaced by inspiring and spiritual books some of which I co-authored!) to how I spend my time (diving into work first thing has transformed to taking nearly three hours for self-care every morning before getting on the computer). I have tai chi rituals, and walking rituals, and gratitude rituals, and artmaking rituals, and prayer rituals. And now my mission seems to involve teaching that ritual doesn't have to end in order for business to begin; that in fact you can drape yourself in sacred ritual even when you're selling your services, or doing your books, or.... you name it.

    1. So appreciating your insights and perspectives, Sue. I really liked your final thoughts about "...teaching that ritual doesn't have to end in order for business to begin; that in fact you can drape yourself in sacred ritual even when you're selling your services, or doing your books, or.... you name it." Let's talk one day soon! I will send you a PM so we can set that up.

  8. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of ritual, Lore - awareness of the cycles and seasons, and taking the time to embrace, clear, draw in, let go is so important :)

    1. Appreciating your keen insights around the timing of rituals, Kat! Thanks for replying and sharing.


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