Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Furry Face of Compassion

Words that Open Hearts & Inspire Actions

The message from Compassion comes in unexpected miracle moments,
from unexpected messengers. ---Lore Raymond

Are you always compassionate?
If asked, my immediate reply would've been, "Well, heck yes!"
Now, I'm not so certain.

I am deeply moved by this *1-minute video showing the heart-tugging exchange of compassion from one dog to another. A dog is demonstrating the greatest law, "Love your neighbor as yourself."
It's a fearless and tender scene--and also a difficult one to watch.
It reminded me of times when I was also compassionate.
Painfully, this video also reminded me of times when I was not compassionate.

Similar to the cars, I 've gone whizzzzzzing by people who were in accidents from emotional crashes.
My own busy-ness filled my life. My To Do List was long and hadn't been completed. My ego excuses: I was tired. I had stuff to do. There was a deadline I thought once met would prosper me. This blocked my normally open and compassionate heart.

Some might jump to an emotional judgment after seeing the video and think, "How could someone just film this and not do anything?" or "How cruel this filmer was to just watch and film!" I honor these feelings as I know the Truth about my circle of friends: They are compassionate, heart-centered souls!

Please consider that you don't know for certain what happened after the filming. 
I believe that the person filming helped both dogs afterwords and made even more of a difference. That's how I choose to see this. And you? If not, consider being compassionate for the person who saw all this first-hand.

*Video: Know that this video might bring tears. The Face of Compassion

Sasha Kitty--My Compassion teacher who left her fur suit last May 22.
What next?
Why not choose from these 3 Inspired Actions:
With an Opened Heart, 3 Inspired Actions to Choose:
1) Go within to spin your gold as a spiritual alchemist-- like I'm now doing, pray or affirm that you might always have an open heart to express compassion for everyone and everything.

2) Visit an animal shelter and ask, "How might I serve?" It could be with your time, talent, or treasure. Be sure to circle back and share any happy stories!

3) Comment or share this message if your heart was opened.


  1. Very poignant thought-blog, Lore. After seeing the video, I read other posts people left below it. I understand their anger, but I think the point you're getting at is...we don't know what's actually going on, so we make judgements rather than approach life with an open heart. We need as much compassion for the blind people as the courageous little dog. All of us are injured creatures to a greater or lesser extent.

    1. Thank you, Sig, for your always keen insights. Indeed...we are are all "injured creatures..."

  2. Lore, thank you for bringing compassion into conversation. Yes, life is so full and so fast many of us may be in danger of leaving our humanity in the dust. My heart desires a compassionate pathway through life. I know this. I too, I have observed that the greater the speed at which we live our lives, the more often we leap to conclusions. We rarely, if ever take a moment to find out what is going on, or at least to check in at the heart level. Might one solution be to take a moment, a beat of stillness, to observe how we might walk in the shoes of the other person? Perhaps then compassion would have more of an opportunity to bloom into right action. Lately, I have noticed that making time to see the other person as a child softens the lens of judgment. Going forward I will be curious to try softening more of my judgments into observation. Perhaps a more consistent capacity for compassion is not far behind.

    1. This is spinning your gold, Judy, "...Might one solution be to take a moment, a beat of stillness, to observe how we might walk in the shoes of the other person?..." Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  3. What a moving video. I have seen similar and they move me deeply. I find my struggle is with fear...that's the thing that moves me from a compassionate place.

    1. Appreciating your reply, Cathy Sue. Say more about your fear.

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