Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How Are You Traveling into the New Year…Light or Heavy?

Rewind: Are you still thinking of the young couple traveling to pay their taxes in Bethlehem? Four days ago, Mary and Joseph arrived after their arduous journey to find no room at the inn, only to bed down in a stall with the animal’s breath to warm them.

In my travels I’ve arrived at destinations not to have a bed, so I understand the Holy Family’s
feelings of despair, and the miracle feeling when someone kindly offers something. For example, after arriving in Bali via a 34 hour flight, only a single hotel room remained—the one nearest to the construction crew with jackhammers repairing the hotel’s stonework. And the bed felt like a miracle!

Had I carried the heavy feelings of anger from my long travels, I’m not sure the room would have been offered or that I could have slept. That’s why I’m reminded to DECIDE:
“To travel far, travel light, and be sure to pack all your dreams.”

And indeed I did.

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