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The renewal that I feel from participating in this course (as much as my frightened ego would allow) is gentle, but oh, so present. It is as if the waters from this writing sisterhood have urged me into a new fullness of being…the swelling of the seed of myself. Watered now by the tender hand of angels as I lie there buried in the arid soil of my own denial, my oh-so-mistaken lack of self-worth.

But that dirt of degradation, now moist from the healing waters of self-love --which you women writing sisters have been part of pouring--has caused that seed of myself to burst with the promise of something great. As Love brings forth the emergence of a brand new me, I thank you all from the depths of my heart.”
~ Layla Wayfiyyah, Jakarta, Indonesia

“What I appreciated most about the Divine Dialogue Writing Course was the time to go deep within to write from the heart, and so it elevated my intuitive abilities; the community’s feedback and support plus reading everyone’s writing was so helpful and inspiring!” 
~Nancy Ferrari 
Radio/Media Personality, Life Coach * Nancy Ferrari Media & Mentoring

“Investing in two of Lore’s Divine Dialogue Writing Courses was one of the best personal and professional business decisions that I ever made. I was amazed at the level of creative instruction and support that I received. It’s thrilling to see how my writing practice and poetry have evolved.”
~Netta de Beer, South Africa
Senior Events Coordinator, Delightful and Delicious Events

"Writing as a dialogue with self is absolutely enriching and transformational! I'm receiving incredible messages from different parts of myself that are bringing me to a beautiful state of peace, release, and renewal."
~ Jackie Barros Van Campen
Author; Coach & Founder, Wise Heart Within

“If you want to explore the desires of your heart, Lore’s courses allow suspended self-judgment, to look at what makes you create joy for you. I learned that there are lots of ways to “skin a cat”, or work towards a solution, if I get quiet and let Spirit do the leading. Unusual ideas emerge if I let go and let come… ”
~ Sigrid Tidmore, Ecuador & Tampa, FL
Fine Artist; Founder, Creative Tapestry & Former Executive Director, Community Stepping Stones, Tampa

“A student in other online writing courses, I found that THIS is a creative writing experience for those wishing to gain expanded clarity to open your mind and spirit to joyful creation. I’ve taken four different writing courses with Lore! Each session was an expanding experience. Why not picture yourself there?”
~Karen Wythe, NY
Life Transformation Coach

“For the woman who’s thinking about taking the course, this life-changing experience brought a new depth and new dimension to my writing as well as to my spirit life. I enjoyed the creativity of our community as each writer was unique but had something inspiring for everyone.” 
~Nickie Desrochers
Poet * Contributor, Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond Magazine

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